How the ‘useless’ berry sought-after is well: koffieschil today more expensive than boon

For years, the berry around the coffee bean is seen as a waste product, but that is about to change. The sweet tea they made, would be in coffee shops or even brotherly in addition to her black sister.

Ripe coffee cherries ready to be harvested. © Getty Images/iStockphoto

A coffee cherry consists of two components: the pit (or bean, as we call him) and pulp – cascara, according to the terminology. That last was not used, unless by a single coffee farmer himself, says culinary journalist Jeroen Thijssen: ‘They did that, as in the past fishermen her cheeks from the cod ate. And as her cheeks, the fish nuggets, now widely popular, so it is with the koffieschil.”

Cascara (Spanish for ‘shell’) was long known as the poor man’s coffee, but it is already a few years on the rise. In dried form it is the basis of a delicious, and much to the surprise of many, naturally sweet tea. In the United States and the United Kingdom, cascara already become so popular that a kilo of it is already costing more than a kilo of coffee beans. Because coffee farmers will also be used as a cheap fertilizer, but a small part of the koffieschillen on the store shelves.

In the sun drying coffee cherries © Getty Images/iStockphoto

Except for sweet, you can cascara a lot of other flavours to discover. Depending on the variety and terroir you can taste all kinds of fruit and flora aromas, but also tobacco or jasmine. The shells contain less caffeine than the beans, but still offering a pick-me-up.

In Ethiopia, where cascara had previously been drinking was coffee, the shells cooked together with nutmeg, ginger and cinnamon. The sweet-spicy drink with the name hashara gives drinkers there for thousands of years an energy boost. Today delves cascara as a tea, but also as a syrup in Us Starbucks stores or trendy soft drinks.

Also, the leaves of the coffee plant in coffee-producing countries not only used to tea. That are for the time being though (still) not hyping.

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