How the Church of Scientology seemingly protected Danny Masterson in the midst of accusations of rape

Actor Danny Masterson arrives as a guest at the premiere of the new film “End of Watch” in Los Angeles September 17, 2012.

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Scientologist actor Danny Masterson is accused of rape of four women — and the Church of Scientology claims that it knew nothing of the allegations against the former member.

However, people who are deeply connected with the church say the members have knowledge of masterson’s alleged behavior to go away before the messages in the media.

Several sources told Fox News that the Church of Scientology systematically related to crimes of the most prominent members — and Masterson, they say, is no exception.

Chris Shelton, a former member of the Church of Scientology and the Sea Org from 1987-2012, said the church silences members who want to make complaints to the enforcement of the law.

“The municipality is working on the protection of the church,” he told Fox News.

He said the next most important thing to Scientologists is the protection of the members of the church and its image.

“[The Church] is of the opinion that someone outside the church is a ‘wog’, that is a defamatory word to describe non-members… it creates a ‘we versus they’ mentality [and says] members ‘wogs’ on the enforcement of the law will not protect.”


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Tony Ortega, editor of “The Underground Bunker,” he told Fox News Scientologists are “not allowed to file a lawsuit against another Scientologist or report a Scientologist to the authorities.”

Ortega said this will have a direct impact on the women accuse Masterson of rape.

“For example, one of masterson’s accusers … went to the church in 2003 report of the incident,” Ortega claimed.

The quote of the knowledge of the inside of the church, he claimed Scientology leaders asked the prosecutor to undergo “intensive counseling from May to December 2003, to go back to previous lives to find out what evil thing did she know then that it is today.

“That is how Scientology dealt with sexual assault,” he added.

Ortega, a journalist who has devoted his time to the study of the Church of Scientology, claimed to be the members of the church are threatened ostracized from the close-knit community if they go to authorities with sexual abuse allegations.


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Shelton said he saw the same practice during his time as a member of the church.

Shelton said Scientologists make use of an “internal legal system” that uses fear mongering to stop alleged victims of sexual violence from the police. Shelton also said that the interview sessions with alleged victims within the church are regularly filmed.

Ortega said one of masterson’s accusers was “brutally interrogated by a senior member of the organization.

“At the same time, Danny was interviewed by a senior member],” Ortega claimed. “… It would be recorded on video. They are manic about keeping records. To my knowledge, none of these was given to the POLICE.”

Ortega said when the alleged victim took her case to the POLICE to claim that the ‘ That ’70s Show” star attacked her, the church stepped in the back.

“Little more than a year after the attack, the church was bombed the LAPD with a sworn declaration after the declaration of the members of the church to defend Masterson. The church rallied around him.”

Shelton predicts the church will stand by Masterson, even if his public image starts to crumble. The actor denies any wrongdoing.

“They will continue to lie, lie and lie,” Shelton said of the church. “They will cover it, and double down.”

Masterson was fired by Netflix earlier this week ended its run on the streaming service, from the series “The Ranch.”


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He has denied the claims against him, saying, in part, “enforcement of the Law, investigated these claims more than 15 years ago, and determined them to be without merit. I have never been prosecuted, let alone convicted.”

In a statement to the media, the Church of Scientology denied it was involved in stifling the progress of masterson’s accusers.

“The church adamantly denies that it ever will ignore all accusations of criminal behaviour, especially at the expense of the alleged victims. What is said is utterly false. This has nothing to do with religion. This story has been manipulated to a intolerant agenda. The church follows all laws and works together with the enforcement of the law. Any statement or implication to the contrary is false.”

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