How STD Insurance Helps a New Mother

How STD Insurance Helps a New Mother

A woman having her first child is usually overwhelmed with both joy and fear as the birth of the child nears, especially if they work a full-time job that helps support the family already.

The U.S. has evolved to a place where women are often the breadwinners in the family, and the birth of a child does not mean the bills stop coming.

The ultimate question is how are you going to pay your obligations and take the time off work needed to properly recover and raise a newborn child?

Purchasing an individual short term disability insurance policy is one way to protect your income and ensure you will be able to make money while spending the first few weeks or months caring for your child. These policies are not too expensive, and as long as you do not have your disability claim denied then you will receive the benefits quickly and will not have to worry about your income.

There are several things you need to be sure to do before filing a claim for benefits on your short-term disability insurance policy. First, you need to make sure you have actually stopped working before you file for benefits. Even if it is just a little, this often can be a reason to deny the whole claim and they may even try to claim you were committing fraud. The next step to help ensure your claim is approved is to make sure that the medical records that are sent to the insurance company are complete and that they accurately describe the limitations of your pregnancy, especially if you have had pregnancy related issues that keep you in a bed or unable to go out into public.

Even if you do everything the right way, there is still a good chance you will have your claim either delayed or denied by the insurance company. These stalling tactics are part of their technique to pay out as few benefits as possible. If you are diligent and make sure to follow their instructions completely, they will have no choice but to approve your claim. Insurance companies thrive off forcing disabled or sick claimants to fill out unnecessary forms in order to get their benefits approved because they know that the chances of a mistake are high. This goes equally for a woman with a newborn child at home. There is not time to think through the forms and fill them out, let alone accurately!

This is why there are experts that can help you through the process. These experts generally fall into two categories: lawyers and advocates. Lawyers are good for cases that may need to go to court or other complex cases that will require legal representation. Advocates do not practice law, but they are usually insiders in the industry who have an overarching knowledge of the system and how to successfully navigate it. There are pros and cons to hiring both types of representation, so just be sure to do your research and choose the representation you are most comfortable with.

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