How reliable are the self tests that you get at the online pharmacy buy.

There are stores and services of various self-tests are available. They will tell you if you have chlamydia, a urinary infection, or an iron deficiency, but also if your thyroid gland is too slow, or the quality of the sperm, whether or not in working order. It Is such a self-test is reliable?

Did you used to be the only maternity and ovulatietesten it’s on the shelf at the drug store are located, and now it is available with a number of diagnostic self-tests on body tissue, the aim of which is a disease or a risk factor to the show. Think of self-testing for stis, menopause, or a gluten intolerance.

Self-test must meet the European laws and regulations

“If the self-test is a decision about your health, then it is a medical device and must meet the European laws and regulations. This can be identified by the CE mark on the packaging,” says Faisal Guy, head of department of Securities of public Health, the national Institute for public Health and the Environment (RIVM).

In the EU, can only be self-testing with the CE mark and be sold. Non-EU manufacturers who have independent self-testing via the internet, are not subject to the Eu directive, if they are not specific for the EU.

“To sign a contract with them, it is often impossible to find out who the manufacturer is, and whether or not they are in the European laws and regulations.”
Anika Guy, head of department of Securities of public Health institute for public health and

However, these tests are usually referred to by the customer within the EU will be sent out. Guy: “When you sign a contract with them, it is often impossible to find out who the manufacturer is, and whether or not they are in the European legal and regulatory compliance. So it’s only there to help us. For sale power-on self test, therefore, is preferably in a pharmacy or drug store.”

The quality of the self-test is in most cases not known

The CE mark and it says something about the usability and understandability of the tests, but it is less about how good the test is at detecting a specific disease or condition. In other words, what are the chances of a false-positive or false-negative results.

A number of experts have called the current certification is false. Consumers expect that in the presence of a CE mark means that the test is a reliable reading. However, there are no specific requirements as to the performance of the test is to ensure that the CE is to be obtained. The benefits are often described in the instructions for use. “Always Check the owner’s manual of the self-test, before purchase,” said Guy.

Make sure that you will be a self-purchase for the following items:

  • It Is the user’s manual in English?
  • In the instructions for use, information on the reliability of the test?
  • The user manual is what you need to do to get the result, which shows that it is a case of a disease?
  • There will be a CE marking with a four digit code on the packaging and on the instruction manual?
  • The best-before date has passed?
  • There will be a full street address (not a post office box, or just a postal code in a country of the European Union on the instructions and packaging?

Advice: take a std test at my gp or a travel clinic

One of the few studies of self-testing that has been carried out, a study by the institute for public health, together with Soa Aids Netherlands, to, online, available std and hiv tests.

The test was mainly evaluated in two aspects: there is a proven reliability of more than 95 per cent., and, there is a clear opinion of what people should do if the test result of an std indicates.

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No ordering on-line, do-it-yourself test with a result of will, was enough. According to the ngo Soa Aids Nederland, can you get an std test in the gp or the health authorities to do so.

Self-tests that are not recommended by the Dutch Society for Clinical Chemistry and laboratory medicine (NVKC):

  • Cholesterol levels: most of the tests give only the total cholesterol levels of. That is, it is not enough, because it is important to note the distinction between the good and the bad cholesterol too. In addition, it is important to find out if there are other risk factors for heart disease are in play, such as smoking or high blood pressure.
  • Colorectal cancer: test identifies whether there is blood in the stool that is present. Blood in the stool, however, can also be a sign of something else. There is always further research to be done to see if cancer is present. All of the men and women aged 55 to 75 years, moreover, every two years an invitation to attend the screening of colorectal cancer.
  • Prostate cancer: in prostate cancer, often for the production of Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) is increased. With the help of the power-on self test the amount of PSA in the blood can be determined. The PSA can, however, also be due to other causes) is increased, and at a low PSA value and allow you to be sick.

Pregnancy and ovulatietesten and menopause-self-test) according to the NVKC tend to be reliable.

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