How PSG’s Financial Fair Play bypasses: ‘A clear provocation’

The construction that PSG intent with AS Monaco for the transfer of Kylian Mbappé is a clear circumvention of the Financial Fair Play rules from UEFA, says Ivo Belet, mep for CD&V and football fan. He expects that even a ponytail will get. “The financial fair play is not started in the water.

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Officially, the deal has not yet, but according to the leading French sports L’équipe have Monaco and PSG to an agreement on a uitleenbeurt of the Kylian Mbappé to the club from the capital. The uitleenbeurt contains a (mandatory) option of at least 180 million euros. The construction of a uitleenbeurt is necessary for PSG with the eye on the Financial Fair Play rules (FFP) from UEFA, since the Qatari owners of the club this summer, even though 222 million expenditure to Neymar to FC Barcelona. The FFP states that clubs are financially sound and, over a period of three years is not allowed any more to spend than they are to football-related revenue in their diet.

A question that lingers: if the Financial Fair Play, which in 2011 came by the grace of the European Commission, so easy to work around, what is the system worth? The evidence that football clubs are more powerful than politics?

Mep Ivo Belet (CD&V), that the matter is followed at the European level: ‘the fact That that impression is a good one. But the clubs are not above politics, they are the clubs that top the European football association (UEFA). The rules are clear, but should also be applied. The construction of PSG around Mbappé, and also the soap around the cheque for the transfer of Neymar, fits in the showdown between the clubs and the Club Financial Control Body (CFCB), an independent commission for the UEFA Financial Fair Play of European football clubs in the eye. This is for me not more or not less than an outright provocation.’

(Politics) tail?

Prevents expected that the transfers of the most expensive and (probably) one of the most expensive player of all times, even a ponytail will get to PSG. ‘Even regardless of whether they succeed in this recordtransfers to financially justify, it is evident that this huurconstructie intended for the rules to work around. And the UEFA is not different than to occur. That, however, will not more for this year, the assessment by the CFCB will only happen after the year 2017-2018. It seems to me therefore quite possible that PSG here next year for to be punished.’

As a club the FFP rules, the sanction may range from a fine to exclusion from the competitions of the UEFA, including the prestigious Champions League. In 2014 got PSG is already a sanction by UEFA.

Possible grasps also the politics, says Belet. The CD&V’points out that the president of the Spanish football league, Javier Tebas, there already threatened a complaint to the European Commission in connection with the transfer of Neymar to PSG. His argument is that the Parisians financial gedopeerd be from Qatar, and that there is distortion of competition.

“I am very curious if it is a complaint and what is authorized Eurocomissaris Margarethe Vestager to that will do. We know already that they didn’t mind hitting giants like Apple and Google to address.’


Although he admits that the system is not effective enough, defends Prevented the Financial Fair Play. ‘I’m not agree with people who say that the system is a battle in the water. Many clubs are financially healthier, there are fewer red numbers.’

“But there is indeed more necessary. From the European Club Association fizzes proposal for a restriction-enter the number of players per club, to get rid of cores from thirty to forty players. It would also be good if UEFA clubs require to bet more on the youth.’

That something must be done, to Prevent as a pole above water. He speaks of a ‘lunatic transferwedloop’. ‘The balance runs totally askew. Just look at the pool of Anderlecht in the group stage of the Champions League. The new for line of PSG, in addition to Mbappé and Neymar also Edinson Cavani, has almost 500 million euro cost. That is ten times as much as the total budget of Anderlecht. Madness.’

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