How Pep Guardiola the football stars of Manchester City in the heel keeps

Barely three weeks after he and Manchester City is perched to speak to the players with praise for new coach Guardiola. And that is despite the iron discipline. An introduction to the strict laws of Pep.

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“I come to Manchester to challenge myself,” said Pep Guardiola in his first press conference as the new coach of Manchester City. The Spaniard is looking to the Citizens the basis of the voetbalwezen: the ecstatic feeling of success. A feeling that over the last years, so used to hit was after boerenjaren at FC Barcelona and Bayern Munich with six championship titles, four bekerwinsten and twice the Champions League.

For the outside world, seemed to be the success, a logical consequence of the blend between a group of professional footballers and the tactical genius of Guardiola. But behind the hundreds of wins and thousands of goals is the iron discipline of Pep. Because how do you otherwise footballing millionaires neatly into the harness?

Strict pater familias

Vedetteallures are commonplace under the reign of Guardiola. No easy feat with players every week in the spotlight walk. Therefore the focus of the Catalan to a strict paterfamilias who, with the strict code of conduct player base will save of extravagance and beside-the-shoes-walking.

At the beginning of his second season at Bayern Munich, it became known that Guardiola with a rigorous schedule of fines his players when the lesson is held. So were the professional footballers of their dirty shirts in the sinks throw, required an hour after the match their meal on the club patio and it was forbidden to use the gsm in the dressing room. Each violation was a fine of 250 euro will be presented. The basisschoolregels of Guardiola to sound exaggerated, but the German sensatiekranten could little sappigs write about the players at the Rekordmeister.

Also in the three weeks that Guardiola meanwhile, in Manchester, to dwell therein, Kompany, De Bruyne and co. are already acquainted with the heavy hand of their new coach. “Many coaches demands a optimal health of their players, but if you go at Guardiola with obesity comes back from a vacation, do you simply not bad,’ says City defender Gaël Clichyto The Guardian. “There is often alerted by such a measure, but for me it is the first time that it is effectively done. And yes, there are players that are currently not on the training ground.’


Not only on the field wants to be the successor of Manuel Pellegrini to have control over his men, also for the private life of the players has Gurardiola his idiosyncratic laws are spelled out. “He bande certain fruit juices and pizza out of our lives’, continues Clichy. ‘To outsiders, that sounds obvious, but in reality dare to many people against it for it ever to sin.’

However, it is not new. According to Thierry Henry, who in his time at Barcelona under the guidance of Guardiola played, had the Catalan in his first years as a head coach already is of interest for the private life of his players. ‘We were not allowed to F1, or tennis look at Barcelona, because he did not want that we hours in the sun were’, said the former French topspits in the English newspaper the Mirror. ‘It was also forbidden to after midnight to go out. Guardiola checked everything, even what we ate and drank.’

When Guardiola is simple: whether you respect the house rules or you’re playing soccer. That was Henry to experience. In 2008, scored the Frenchman in the Champions Leaguematch against Lisbon the openingsgoal after fourteen minutes, but during the rest took Guardiola him to the side. The reason for this? The coach was to advance a certain policy aligned that Henry, in his eyes, not enough tasty.


Although its rigid regime effectively turned out, was Guardiola also the flip side of it. At Bayern were the supporters of him emotionless and a mysterious trainer who has a cold relationship with his players. Critique die hard came upon him and the basis for the ecstatic joy-burst, and vale of tears from Guardiola after the won cup final – are afscheidsmatch – last year. And striking: Guardiola had just about every player a close omhelsing. “Every player would be both hands may kiss together, and to work with a top trainer like Pep says Bayern-captain Philip Lahm on the website of The Daily Mail.

In England prices, they are indeed sincerely grateful with his coming. “In the first three weeks, I have more of Guardiola learned through my whole career,” said City midfielder Fabian Delph. ‘Exaggerated words? No, it is the truth. Pep is simply the best trainer of the world.” (JF)

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