How much is ‘missing’, Canadian teens are now suspected of being in the moordonderzoeken

The Canadian police with the power to search for the teens, Comb, daughter from his first marriage, and Bryer Schmegelsky, who was last seen in a remote, sparsely populated area. The two boys had left earlier in the month, to go to work and find, that ‘missing in action’, and are suspected of being involved in the deaths of three people along the Alaska Highway. Here’s what we know about it.

Daughter from his first marriage (to the left in the picture), and Schmegelsky have this month to their homes in the Port Alberni exit, along the direction of Whitehorse drive. They want to stay in the capital city of the Yukon, a region in the north-west of Canada, with a job search.

The two of them are together in one camper stepped up and drove back to the north, probably on the famous Alaska Highway. Highway 97 to the border with the United States of america to the borders of the Wilderness.

The two teenagers, eighteen and nineteen years of age, know each other, according to Canadian media, of the school, as well as a part-time job at Walmart, a supermarket chain. Schmegelsky has been a father for more than a week ago to let me know that he was in a field and was about to drive that he doesn’t reach with his cell phone. Below is quiet for a moment.


The police show bewakingsbeelden of the slain couple in Canada

Bodies of young couple found a

Not long after the last sign of life of the two teenagers in the direction of their families, will be on the 15th of July, in the vicinity of highway 97 and the bodies of the two adults. They are located next to the bus that allows them to work together on the journey.

Only after several days, their identities are known: they are a young couple, Chynna Deese (23) and Luke Fowler (24). They can be killed by bullets, so report it to the cops.

It makes for some turbulence in the campers loved one in a wooded area.

It is the vehicle by which Deese, and Fowler, bring forward. (Photo: a police force in Canada)

A body found in a burning camper

A few days later, on the 19th of July, the Canadian police have a different, horrible notify them of: a camper is completely on fire and the occupants were nowhere to be found. The vehicle is located near the Dease Lake area, about 470 kilometers away from the location where the young couple had been dead is found.

The agents comb is directly in the field, and within 2 kilometres to the south of the burning vehicle and a person soon, it may be mentioned that it is not a daughter from his first marriage, or Schmegelsky, which, according to the police, in the mayor reason for it, but an old man of fifty and sixty years of age. His identity is still a mystery.

The police will distribute the photo’s of the boys in the hope that the people who have disappeared, nothing has happened to them and they can sign up. Questions asked by the company to arise in the meantime: the missing and the dead, linked to each other?

The camper is that the two guys had left. (Photo: a police force in Canada)

Teenagers are no longer missing in action but the wanderer

Then, a few days later, the policemen at a press conference held on the 23rd of July, with a different message: that the teenage boys are suspected of involvement in three deaths, and they are no longer missing, but is on the run.

Currently, in the province of Manitoba wanted, which is a lot get more to the east than that in which the three bodies have been found. It is assumed that a daughter from his first marriage, and Schmegelsky in a gray Toyota to drive around.

PUBLIC SAFETY – Comb, daughter from his first marriage, and Bryer Schmegelsky MAY be in Manitoba, and are considered dangerous. We have reasons to believe they were recently in the Gillam area. If you spot them and take no action – do not approach – call 911 or your local police department immediately. #rcmpmb

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Destiny of children is unknown

The police have to let you know that the final destination of the teenagers is still unknown. Those who will see them, you must immediately make an emergency call, and they will not approach you.

Still, it is not known what the police suspected that the boys involved in the death of three total strangers. The father of the Schmegelsky would the media not be more generous, but also said that he is now more likely to be “most carefully, the father of the country”.

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