How memories you’ll be able to help

Memories can make you proud and happy, but also disappointed and sad. How you get the best from your memories? Magazine Flow looking for the.

What made you yesterday, happy? Look back at the highlights of a day earlier is the fastest way to happiness is a feeling, according to research by the university of Hertfordshire. It works even better than other important moodboosters’ like gratitude, laughter, or the performance of a good deed.

Do you regularly think about the happiness of yesterday, then you change yourself into a more optimistic person. By reflecting on the beautiful moments from your past, you are also in the present more of an eye for the things that make life worthwhile. As you build a repertoire of happy memories.

View the positive

Unpleasant memories need not per definition bad. They can give you something positive, says psychologist Ernst Bohlmeijer, in his book On the story. According to him, it all depends together with the story that you are about the sad event tells.

“You put mainly the emphasis on the negative or do you also have an eye for what it has brought you?” He says that the scars can also see it as a symbol for what is important to you, you want to bet, or what you especially don’t want in life.

Retrieval of memories makes it warmer

The pick up of heart-warming memories can not only bring happiness to the heart, it also makes you literally warmer. This was discovered by scientists from the university of Southampton through a series of experiments. So had to test subjects in a cold room, the fine thoughts of the past or retrieve to a normal event think.

Then they had to guess what the temperature in the room was. The nostalgic wegdromers estimate the temperature much higher than the ‘ordinary’ participants.

The same happened when the subjects used their hand in a bucket of ice water to keep. Thinking back to a nice event they held longer. If you’re cold, browse through old photo albums or dig in your memory for beautiful memories.

You ‘are’ your memories

“The older I get, the more I realize that a man of memories,” says musician Spinvis in an interview with “I also discovered that memories are not facts, you make them yourself. If you, for example, a diary keeper, then it is only for your own eyes, but you write it so that everything is slightly more beautiful or more important. You do that because you are life itself to create.”

The musician says that the story in which you think life does not consist of facts: “You are floating in a vacuum and you make yourself. Because you change, also change your memories. You adjust them according to the stage of life in which you are sitting. I think it is important to realize, because it also means that all negative thoughts and memories is very relative: that you have created yourself.”

Away with loneliness

Think back to an old friendship is a good way to solitude to fight, according to research. You will get again the feeling of being part of the group of people where you used to fit in.

Psychologist Tim Wildschut: “When people think back to a close friendship from the past, they realize that others have something to offer and a good friend. If you think back, you drill a source of confidence in yourself that you can apply to the current contact with others.”

So: you’re at a party where you don’t know someone, please think back to a different social time when you are in your element, and your contacts will be smoother.

See melancholy as inspiration

Melancholy is a moment of stasis in a society of racing and racing: it is a period of reflection and a moment to yourself. Philosopher Frank Master: “Melancholy is a feeling to cherish, but there also not too long in linger. Otherwise, love your little sentence about for the life you now lead.”

Melancholy is a perfect time as the new starting point, says the philosopher. According to him, may the sweet memories you stimulate to create something new. “That need not be great, it can also be small things. A great holiday or a fun party. Push the melancholy away, but embrace it as a source of inspiration for new goals.”

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