How many calories are in your favourite alcoholic drink?

To eindejaarsfeestjes keep your easy some pounds. Often with thanks to the bubbles, the cocktails and glasses of wine.

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On the label of alcoholic beverages is not (yet) indicated how many calories were in it, but alcohol does indeed thicken. A gram of alcohol provides 7 kcal, while a gram of fat 9 kcal worth.

A study of the British Royal Society for Public Health showed that 75% of the lovers of alcohol is not able to correctly estimate how many calories there are in a glass of their favourite beverage sit. You do not immediately make sense in complicated calculations for you a toast to release? Below you find an overview of the caloric value of several popular alcoholic beverages.

Light bubbles

At a party in the evening is a glass of champagne. And fortunately is that with only 75 kcal, one of the least calorie-laden alcoholic beverages. However, the match with 22 minutes, 9 minutes jogging, or 12 minutes by bike.


If the appetizer is bad for the line, especially the appetizers. But note also on the alcoholic beverages: count to 50 kcal per glass of cider, 55 kcal for aperitifs based on wine, 90 kcal per glass of vodka, 110 kcal for a pastis, 120 kcal for a glass of whisky, 130 kcal for a martini and 150 kcal per glass of sangria.

Non-alcoholic beverages are also not innocent. A large glass of fruit juice still contains about 100 kcal, and a soft drink (not the lightversie) provides easy 150 kcal.

Red, rosé or white

Most of the wines – we’re talking about red wines of 12% (beaujolais, bordeaux, burgundy, chardonnay), rosé wines of 12% (cabernet, Cotes de Provence) and white wines of 12% (Alsacewijnen, pinot blanc, Côtes-du-Rhône) – contain between 80 and 90 kcal per glass. That means a 7-minute swim, 20 minutes of table tennis or tai chi, or a half hour walk with the dog.

The energy value of white sweet wines (sauternes, monbazillac) is around 100 kcal per glass. To hit, you must be 26 minutes or 11 minutes of jogging. Note also for sweet wines such as muscat and banyuls, which is up to 150 kcal per glass can contain. Who burned you with an hour of brushing, or a half-hour grass down.

Pint like

Includes beer have more calories than wine? Usually. Count 105 kcal for a pils 25 cl, 111 kcal for a wheat beer, 130 for a kriek lambic, 160 for a beer, and more than 200 kcal for a Guinness. The proverb ‘Where the brewer, the baker not to be’ contains some truth.


The alcohol content of cocktails is all too often misinterpreted, but they can also have an unexpected effect on your weight. Even the most common cocktails – such as gin tonic or a fruity wodkacocktail – contain more than 200 kcal. A simple cocktail with champagne set the counter to 250 kcal.

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Who on the calories note, can be an eye closing for a cosmopolitan (vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice and lime juice – 150 kcal/glass) and a mojito (rum, lime, cane sugar and fresh mint leaves – 160 kcal/glass), because they are less than 220 kcal per glass, and the fog cutter (white rum, gin, cognac, sherry, lemon juice, orange juice, orgeade), 225 kcal per glass, just by the fingers.

A mai tai, on the basis of rum and curaçao, which is 350 kcal, or a white Russian 425 calories with vodka, coffee liqueur, milk and ice cubes, are not, however, good to talk to. A piña colada (brown and white rum, pineapple juice and coconut milk) can be no less than 650 kcal.

With a margarita (tequila, orange liqueur and lime juice) you get 740 kcal and the Long Island iced tea, also known as the “Big Mac of the cocktails’, is a blend of vodka, gin, white rum, triple sec, tequila, lemon juice and coca cola with 780 calories above all the rest sticks out. To prevent the calories to your body stick, you need at least two hours of intensive go to the gym.

How much is it then?

According to the world health organization (WHO) is 1 unit of alcohol equivalent to 10 g alcohol, which corresponds to a half bottle of beer of 5%, a glass (10 cl) of red wine of 12%, 1 champagnecoupe (10 cl) of 12%, 1 glass (6 cl) porto 20%, 1 glass of whisky (3 cl) of 40% or 1 glass (3 cl) pastis 45%.

Do you want to know exactly how much you consume? The alcohol content of alcoholic beverages is always on the label shown, expressed in % vol. That alcohol, that is equivalent to the degrees (10% vol is for example equal to 10°), indicates how many millilitres of alcohol in 1 litre of the drink. So it contains 1 litre wine of 10% vol 100 ml of alcohol. Because the specific gravity of alcohol is 0.8 grams, weighs 1 litre of pure alcohol, however, not 1 kilogram, but 800 grams. With the following formula you can the amount of alcohol (in grams) of your consumption, calculate:

(Quantity in centiliters x alcohol percentage x 0.8) /10

Example: 1 bottle of beer (33 cl) of 8,5% vol (a Duvel, for example), delivers a 22.5 g of alcohol, or 157 calories.


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