How long can leftovers be kept in the fridge?

Almost everyone has to cook sometimes too much, as leftovers all over. They are often seen in a pan-done and put in the fridge. But how long can you live with this portions of food to actually store it in the fridge?

The food centre holds two-day meet, as long as the fridge for a maximum of 7 degrees Celsius. “At 4 degrees Celsius, you can eat it for three days and storing it, but often it is the refrigerator is not as cold,” says the spokesman, Oene van der Wal.

A chance of one in six get sick

Heidy den Besten, levensmiddelenmicrobioloog, and an associate professor at the University of Wageningen, this is a good guideline. The chances are that a bit of food makes you ill, is not so great, but it does exist. “On an annual basis, you will have a chance of one in six get sick from food.

In order to have diarrhea, braakverschijnselen and prevent infection, according to The Best-of-interest to be vigilant with your eating to deal with it. Be sure all fruit and vegetables, including a bit of salad, or to spoil, according to her, soon. “It may be that you’re using for the eye to see it. Store is or is to be a little slimy, and at first, I grow such things.”

“In the heat of the food, bacteria will be lost, but they won’t be completely cut off,”
Heidy den Besten, levensmiddelenmicrobioloog

To be able to eat well and to heat, the bacteria can be lost, ” says the biologist. It eradicates the bacteria, however, are not out of the woods, which is the guideline for it is to keep still these days. “By, among other things, your silverware, plate, and the air, there is possibility of cross-contamination. It may not be that much bacteria, but they can still grow. Also, at low temperatures, in the refrigerator.”

In the middle of the fridge

For your leftovers, as well as to preserve, to The Best of a number of things to do. As you can leftovers, according to their best as quickly as possible, out of the fridge to let it cool down. You have to do is to divide it into smaller portions in order to create and to build.

Through your leftovers at room temperature in the fridge increases the temperature inside the fridge is not that hard, and the decay products to have the leftovers to go is not. “What if you put hot soup in addition to you’re a ham, you were about as cold as possible, want to keep it, then you can get that, then, for the first time a long time to save.”

In addition, she says, it is better to put your leftovers in the middle of the fridge. Here, the temperature of the refrigerator is often at its lowest. The door is to be kept to a minimum, because that’s where it is hottest.

The recommendations of the netherlands Nutrition centre, and The Best ones are designed for the average american. The Best: “Very young children and the elderly, and people who are ill have a greater risk of getting sick from the food. This is a very different story than that of an average household.”

So, you can eat to be as safe as possible leftovers:

  • Wash your hands before you prepare food
  • Use clean utensils and dishes
  • Store leftovers and other products that are separated
  • Store leftovers in sealed containers
  • Will let you have the leftovers for more than two hours out of the fridge
  • You can store the leftovers in the less than 4 degrees Celsius
  • Heat up the leftovers for by and by, until steaming hot
  • Scoop out the good with the heat, also for heating in microwave oven
  • Don’t eat the leftovers of the leftovers

The source of the information in the box: Nutrition

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