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Heather Locklear in the hospital: Threatened to kill himself

Heather Locklear was reportedly in hospital on Sunday after she threatened to kill herself. The Ventura County Fire department responded to a call at her home, after a family member dialed 911, and the concern for the star’s safety.

Actress Heather Locklear has made headlines recently for a variety of disturbing messages about her health and recent arrests. Her current situation is in stark contrast to the reputation of the 1990s TV icon that she has ever held, in which many of her fans to wonder what exactly happened in the course of the years lead her?

Brighter days

Born in Los Angeles, Calif., to a manufacturing executive mother and a father who was an administrator at UCLA, Locklear began modeling in college, which led to small roles on 1980s TV shows like “CHiPs”, “The Love Boat” and “Eight is Enough.” However, her big break in show business came in 1982 when she landed a role on the Aaron Spelling-produced TV drama “Dynasty.” The following year, she was cast opposite William Shatner in the hit series “T. J. Hooker.” Just like that the young beauty had a firm foot in the door of the TV business, where she would remain for the next two decades.

Locklear juggled both shows “T. J. Hooker” ended in 1986, and she was then promoted to a series regular on “Dynasty.” As soon as that show ended in 1989, save for a brief reunion special in 1991, its future was uncertain. Fortunately, Locklear had hitched her wagon to the Spelling, who gave her roles in eight of his TV projects. However, a big role in the film “The Return of Swamp Thing,” for which she earned a Razzie Award for worst actress, a handful of lackluster TV-movie roles, and the failure of a sitcom “Going Places,” many wonder whether they could find success than the Spelling TV ecosystem.

Fortunately, she had not much to find for a long time. A few later she’s got a rocket-ride to stardom as Amanda Woodward on “Melrose Place.” According to an oral history done by The Hollywood Reporter in 2017, Spelling the early creator Darren Star in 1993 to meet with Locklear in an attempt to boost the struggling show. It was the same year, Locklear split from Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee after 7 years of marriage, and she was in need of a victory.


(Heather Locklear was a staple on the hit series “Melrose Place.” )

“I was asked to come and meet with Heather and at the time, Amanda (Alison’s boss) was a fairly innocuous part with a four-episode arc,” said Star. “As soon as we started writing for her and saw how she was able to have an innocent line and give the devious subtext, which inspired so much in terms of where the show could go.”

Locklear would continue to be a full-time cast member of the termination in 1999. The time on the series was all that she needed to be a Hollywood superstar. Not only did she earn four Golden Globe nominations for her role, but in the 1990s saw Locklear painted as a sex-symbol in state to breathe new life into struggling shows. She was named one of People Magazine the most Beautiful woman in 1994 (and again 10 years later). In that same year, she married Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora.


(Her starring roles in the 1990s, made Heather Locklear a sex symbol in the TV industry.)

Sex-symbol status

The perception of her as a sex symbol at the time is best illustrated by a “Saturday Night Live” sketch in which Wayne of “Wayne’s World” is a dream that he was on the”Melrose Place.” The perception of her as a TV repairman is best illustrated by its direct casting in “Spin City” during the shakey days after the departure of lead star Michael J. Fox, and the introduction of Charlie Sheen as his replacement. She earned two Golden Globe nominations, for her role.

“Spin City” would give the stars steady work until 2002, when it was finally over. It would be her last successful TV starring role for quite some time.

Still a recognizable name in the TV, Locklear spent the early years 2000, with short guest appearances on shows like “Scrubs” and “Two and a Half Men.” She also starred in the films “Uptown Girls” and “Looney Tunes: Back in Action.” Neither film was a breakout hit.

With the Spelling years firmly behind her, but a reputation as one of the TV’s are the best, they filmed a pilot for a series of “Once Around the Park” that never went anywhere as good as the short-lived series “LAX.”


(Locklear posted on 25 Entertainment Weekly ‘ s 100 Greatest TV Icons.)

In 2007, according to Popsugar, she placed 25 on Entertainment Weekly’s “100 Greatest TV Icons.” The award is intended as an honor for the newly divorced star. However, for a star who sought a leadership role at work and left a trail of failed projects in her wake, it is easy to see how it can be considered to be more of a swan song than an honor.

Difficult times

In 2008, Locklear’s public persona shifted from TV-sex-symbol to be the subject of tabloid fodder.

The star announced that she is taking a break from acting to focus on her health after checking into an Arizona rehab facility to cope with anxiety and depression.

Earlier in March 2008, the People reported that a doctor for the star, told the police that she was suicidal. The police responded to Locklear’s home, but left shortly after the determination that they are not a danger to themselves and can be provided by the new friend of Jack Wagner.

“Heather has been dealing with anxiety and depression,” Locklear’s rep, Cece York, told E News at the moment. “She requested an in-depth evaluation of her medication and entered into a medical facility for proper diagnosis and treatment.”

Unfortunately, Locklear was arrested just two months after her four-week rehab stay when the police were called after getting a report that the star was driving erratically. Although she tested negative for drugs and alcohol, the Santa Barbara District Attorney’s office filed a complaint, alleging that her use of medications is permitted for a DUI charge. It was her first real attack of the law in the public eye.

She took a plea deal for a crime that under the three years of informal probation, a drug testing program, and a $700 fine.

Things were quiet for the actress, who returned to the business with small roles in “Melrose Place” revival, “Hot in Cleveland” and “Scary Movie 5.” However, in 2012 the problems it’s reemerged.

Locklear’s sister called 911 to say that the star was planning to commit suicide. It was her second fright. Came the ambulance, and, unlike the previous times, determined that they needed medical attention. Locklear was back the next day.

After that, Locklear the problems remained, her rehab visit was the audience. Still, she insisted that everything was OK until 2016, despite reports of a fifth rehab stint.

“I feel great and am taking steps to enrich and better my life. Currently I am working on tying up some loose ends on some issues, so I can hit 2017 full steam ahead,” Locklear told the People at the time.

A Turn For The Worse

In February 2018, she had her most volatile run in with the police.

After receiving a call about domestic violence against Wagner, Fox News previously reported that the police responded and were attacked by Locklear in the process of trying to her arrest. The 56-year-old was eventually taken into custody. They posted the $ 20,000 bail. However, her problems do not end there.

In June, she had more trouble with the law. As previously reported, the police responded to her home after getting a 911 call about a domestic incident at her home. She appeared intoxicated and was arguing with her boyfriend.

“The responding deputy found that it was necessary to separate her from the others,” a police spokesman told Fox News. “In the process of trying to separate from her, she battered the deputy …There was no damage to the substitute. That woke up her to be arrested.”

Because of her level of intoxication, police called an ambulance to help the 56-year-old star. She would have kicked the EMT who was trying to put her on a gurney in the chest. Days, the star was released from a psychiatric institution after a mandatory three days after another suicide threat.

Things seemed bad, but got much worse on Monday when Locklear was rushed to the hospital after the emergency services received a call about a suspected overdose. She was fine, but there is no word on her condition or release since.

Despite a very quick rise to the rumor, that began in the early 1980s, Locklear’s journey took her through every up and down that Hollywood had to offer.

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