“How fun your carnival is, the less you drink’

“How fun your carnival is, the less you drink’

This week, tens of thousands of Dutch people back to the pub to celebrate carnival. Alcohol poisoning is on the alert, but it is a lot to party can be a nasty end to the party prevent, according to experts.

“The more you’re busy with hossen and celebrations, the less you drink,” says Ninette van Hasselt Trimbos-institute in conversation with “If you are active, do you think less of alcohol.”

From the Carnavalsonderzoek 2017 shows that 70 percent of the 18 to 25-year-olds more than two glasses per day consumption. A third of the interviewed are brought says that getting drunk is even more important than having fun with friends.

Figures from the CBS indicate that over 22 percent of the 16 to 30 year olds under the heading of ‘heavy drinker’ (a man who has six or more glasses of drinks per day or a woman who is a daily minimum of four glasses of drink). More than 13 percent of the 16-30-year-olds belongs to the category of ‘excessive drinker’ (more than 21 glasses per week for men and 14 for women).


How susceptible someone is for the negative consequences of alcohol differs from person to person. “That is more affected by your physique and age. Young or older, small, and skinny people are usually faster drunk than taller people with a higher fat content,” says Van Hasselt.

“It is therefore important to know when you’re vulnerable. That is especially difficult for young people, because they usually have little experience with alcohol. Suddenly the light out.”

It is also important to your own drinking rate to keep an eye on. “This applies, of course: not too fast drink. Alternate a glass of alcohol with, for example, water or cola and also stay definitely eat. It doesn’t really matter what you eat, if you regularly take.”

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Between the carnavallen, it is important that you are good for yourself will provide. “All that you ask quite a lot of your body. Make sure you have enough sleep.” Another tip Of Hasselt is not too early to start partying and drinking. “Make an agreement with yourself that you are just starting out in the evening and that you are not too late to go home.”

You will notice that co-carnavallers too much to drink, then relaxation the best advice. “Go outdoors, and go quietly with the person sitting. Or, better yet, go home.”

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