How Drugs Can Affect the Body

How Drugs Can Affect the Body

How drugs affect your body is a serious subject. In most cases, people use drugs to alter the way that they are feeling or thinking. The drugs only make people feel good for a short period of time and users will continue to use over and over just to experience that small amount of pleasure.

Some begin using under peer pressure and let their friends talk them into using drugs. Some begin using in order to deal with the pressures of their everyday life. Most begin using drugs, because they do not believe they will experience the harmful effects and consequences. This is far from the truth. All who use drugs are subject to the effects.

The Dangers and Consequences of Drug Use

The effects of drugs vary, depending on the person, the type and other factors. Most drugs alter the way an individual thinks, response and communicates. This is why drug users will engage in dangerous activities, such as drinking and driving. The effects of drugs can begin within seconds of use. The drug mostly effects the brain, among other vital organs such as the liver, the lungs and the heart. The drug causes an increase in dopamine, responsible for the intense rush of pleasure. This also causes the brain to either drastically reduce the amount of dopamine produced or cease to produce it at all. This means the body will require more to get the same effects. This also means the person will not be able to experience pleasure without the drug, because the brain has quit producing the dopamine that is needed.

A drug can be any legal or illegal substance, in the form of liquid, solid or gas, that can bring on a psychological or physical change in a user. Drugs change the way a person thinks, behaves and feels. Drugs are classified on legal status by how severely they effect the central nervous system, promoting these changes. Drugs can cause:

  • Sex problems
  • Accidents
  • Problems at work or at school
  • Relationship or family problems
  • Legal and financial problems
  • Diminished health problems
  • And even death

Anyone who is using drugs, whether legal or illegal, needs to do the proper research before using. All drugs have the potential to cause great harm.

End the Effects of Drugs By Getting Professional Help

Some drugs starve your body of oxygen and causes your heart to beat faster. Sometimes drug users will experience nosebleeds, nausea and malnutrition. Some will steal from the ones they love, because obtaining the drug has become their number one priority. Many will watch as their teeth rotten, their body shrivels up, and sores appear all over their body. Drugs can affect a user in many negative ways. So if you or someone that you know is using drugs, get professional help as soon as possible. Drugs can destroy a user’s life and bring great pain to their loved ones, but this does not have to be the reality for someone who gets help. Put an end the horrible effects of drugs by getting professional treatment.

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