How do you know if there is anything wrong with your urine?

Bladder infections, pregnancy, blood sugar level, or to problems with the kidneys, there is a lot to read out of our body through urine. But how do you know if there is a problem? General practitioner, Sign up for the Vaal (47) gives the answer.

What is the urine actually mean?

“Urine is made by the body. Before you blow up lands, take out your kidneys and useful substances such as vitamins, minerals, sugars and hormones are out of it and bring it back into the blood stream. So, to continue the waste, but also to have an excess of, for example, salts, sugars and vitamins, all over. They are to the bladder, and pee you off.”

You need to be concerned if your urine is different smell or a different color?

“Your pee can sometimes have a different odor or color. That’s mostly due to diet. Think back to the beets, asparagus and certain herbs and spices. Sometimes, the urine is a little cloudy. Well, that is common to the power supply.”

“If your blood is wet, you should immediately go to the doctor.”
He’s Pale, gps

“It is a bladder infection at the root of it, but cloudy urine with no further complaints, it is not in itself a reason to see the doctor for consultation. However, if you have blood in bed. This is an alarm that you can’t go to the doctor, have to go.”

And if your pee is very dark?

“If you’re urine is very dark, colakleurig, you should immediately go to the doctor. That may or may not indicate a closure of the bile ducts. Often this is associated with white stools, and yellow eyes. But, in the urine that is slightly darker in color than the usual orange, you don’t have to go to the doctor. Usually, you have to be a little drunk or a lot of sweated. The urine is then extremely concentrated. As a result, we are in a dark color.”

Is that a bad thing?

“If you routinely have too little to drink, this is not a very healthy one. Water is needed for many functions throughout the body, but the kidneys need plenty of fluids. If you have a little bit of water you have drunk to the kidneys have to work harder to get the water out that you deficiency to have it back.”

How much water should we be drinking?

“At a minimum of 1.5 litres of fluid a day, As it is very hot, it is even more so. You can also have fruit juices, tea, and coffee, into account.”

There are also urinetesten. What are the things that you can have the doctor there to read?

“There are a variety of disorders in the urine and can be detected. Bladder infection or pregnancy, for example. However, there are high blood sugar level, or a problem with the kidney itself.

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“If it’s a filter in the kidney, for example, is not working properly, there may be protein in the urine is sitting there. The kidneys help in the blood composition are constant, so that all of the chemical reactions in your body will be good to be able to expire. If there is something wrong, you will see that be seen in urine.”

What is the best way to get to the lakes?

“Do you have pee’d prefer not to press, not even during urination. Older men often have more difficulty in passing urine. That is most likely due to a combination of all of the pelvic floor muscles: the muscles of the bladder and the prostate gland. However, there is still no consensus about it.”

The men, who are less able to urinate, I will give the advice to do your own research and what works best for you by urinating, standing or sitting. Can sometimes be helpful. However, I will refer to them, sometimes even to the bekkenbodemfysiotherapeut, or write a temporary medication to make the toilet easier it is.”

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