How do you get a smell after it is gourmet of your house.

All well and good, that’s gourmet for the holidays, but how do you do that in the house three days later to a fried bacon smell? ask huishouddeskundige Zamarra Kok.

There is a big chance that this Christmas also to you and the raclette set out in the cabinet will be removed. According to Albert Heijn shows that almost half of all Dutch people are from the christmas season to be gourmet.

“Gourmet is kind of like cooking without a range hood. But that’s the look it can not, therefore,” says Cook, best known from the tv show, Our house is full of stuff.

In the case of the greasy fumes from sticking to all and especially to the textile industry. Cook: “It may sound rather drastic, but it’s worth your while to have your curtains to remove them again. I think it’s worth it.”

While gourmet it is important, however, to have been very good, especially at night. “It’s been quiet around the hot plate, so it is cold, you will not be fast to get it.”

Tips to make a stink after the gourmet fillers

  • Get in advance, and the curtains are gone.
  • Set it gourmet, a window will open.
  • Turn the gourmet condiments, cleaning with vinegar down it.
  • It is a Spray with a solution of vinegar and water, or a ontgeurende can.
  • Padding to the window on the inside.

Tips for after the gourmet

When the meal is over, then you are, of course, as far as possible to open the windows. You can also use containers with a cleaning vinegar, a drop and a one night stand. “Vinegar removes odors,” explains Chef. “You can also use vinegar, mix it with water in a ratio of one-to-one, in a sprayflacon, and spraying on anything that is sprayed can be used.”

What also works well is to have a ontgeurende can. “There are lots of different brands. They are to neutralise the air in your home,” she said. “You have to have them, especially for the textile industry. You can also have your garments to be used after the gourmet.”

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The smell stays pretty stuck to the glass. Therefore, it may be to care for your windows, after it’s gourmet on the inside of the car. “I always do this with a damp and a dry microfiber cloth, and in ten minutes it will be done.”

Don’t expect miracles

The cook also knows people who have a pot of water with a little fabric softener to the fire. “Even though the smell is not real dissipates, the smell of your house, but nice and clean.”

Piece by piece, has no means of tips, but to help them, according to the Chef, though. “However, don’t expect miracles. So much of any grease in the air, you’re not just like that.”

The ultimate solution has been found. “By any other gourmet,” she says, laughing. Will Cook this for Christmas from her father’s gourmet. “But then I did the first of his curtains again. So, I’m back.”

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