How ‘do nothing’ helps to sleep better

According to Aline Kruit, a physician, ACT therapist and author of the book Sleep is to do nothing, you should not do more to sleep well, but less. Why this is so and how you do that, that requires Gezondheidsnet of Gunpowder.

Why people should ‘do nothing’ to sleep better?

“Sleep is a process where you actually have any control over. People who normally sleep, just lie down and fall asleep. They do not really what to do, except of course that they have the preconditions to create: a comfortable bed, ensure that it is dark, not too much noise around you.”

“People who suffer from sleep problems have the tendency to try to fall asleep, or they’ve all measures necessary to be able to sleep. They are going to understand a lot do, and that means that your body actually activates. That usually does not help.”

Ensures the change of a mindset for a good night’s sleep?

“You can change your attitude towards that insomnia change. So that, instead of very, very hard to do your best to fall asleep, the much more accepting and peaceful sleep. That way, you’re a lot closer to sleep.”

“With this ‘mindswitch’, you go from action to rest. That goes against human nature to accept it, because you want it so badly. That is our human tendency, but especially with sleep that works so wrongly.”

You are ACT-therapist. What is the ACT exactly?

“ACT stands for acceptance and commitment therapy. It is a behavioral therapy in which you learn to to let go of control in things that you have little influence on and more accepts, for example, certain thoughts or feelings.”

“Sleep is a process where you have any control over”
Aline Kruit, a physician and ACT therapist

How can ACT help with sleep problems?

“Behavioral therapy is at the insomniestoornis (have difficulty getting into or maintaining sleep, red.) the most important therapy. To ACT and you change your relationship with your mind: you let thoughts, making you calmer. It is not that there is any slaapprobleem can treat, such as sleep apnea, but you do no evil.”

What is the role of cognitive behavioral therapy?

“Cognitive behavioral therapy is the therapy that is now the most used. This therapy focuses on changing thoughts about sleep and insomnia. The train is actually more of sleep. For example, you get out of bed when you after twenty minutes can not sleep. Cognitive behavioral therapy is actually not that you bed to associate to lie awake.”

“ACT looks otherwise to: just accept that you wake up and stay quiet awake, then you are in any case much closer to rest and sleep than that you have to go out.”

How fill ACT and cognitive behavioural therapy to each other?

“ACT has a lot of similarities with cognitive behavioural therapy, such as the slaaphygiëne: that is all about the tranquility, cleanliness and regularity. That you are not very much alcohol must drink, had better not smoke, that you are not on your phone until very late, that your structure persists. There are certainly all good things.”

“It may very well add to that rest, cleanliness and regularity, not only on the interpretation of the night. I find not, for example, that your thoughts must be challenged, because we already have approximately seventy thousand thoughts per day, so if we even the content should change, then you have more to think about.”

“ACT is actually a kind of sequel on cognitive behavioural therapy. ACT and cognitive behavioural therapy to work with a lot of problems as well, for example in the treatment of depression or the treatment for anxiety. To sleep works ACT, only better, because it much better reflects how people also experienced.”

“Regularity in your life ensures that you sleep better”
Aline Kruit, a physician and ACT therapist

Do you have any tips for people who have poor sleep?

“An important tip is to ensure regularity in your life. If you have trouble with sleep, it is important to have a regulated life: healthy living, exercise, regular times for meals, for exercise, go outside and have a little hard time to sleep.”

“Another tip is that you should not wrestle or fight as you wake up is: just keep quiet lie awake. And another important tip is to have your heart not foster evil. Research has shown that people who hoard, not to share with people, everything for themselves to keep, never need express, even worse sleep. So out of yourself. Try during the day to lead a life that is worth: so do the things you love to do. You, for example, in a very nasty work situation? Then that also affects your sleep, or a relationship that is bad. Perhaps there are things in your life that you should change.”

Aline Kruit is a doctor, ACT therapist and author of the book Sleep is to do nothing. She is affiliated with slaapinstituut Sleepwise: this institute offers slaapcursussen and individual coaching to people with sleep problems by using the ACT method.

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