How can you get water in a bottle to save?

We all have to have a bottle of water in our bags, which we don’t really know how long they have been there, though. You can get water to drink? ask the experts.

“As long as the water is clear, clean appearance, and does not smell bad, I don’t see the risk,” says Marcel Zwietering professor of food microbiology at the Wageningen University. “There is only one food is not enough nutrients to care for the growth of bacteria, and that is in the water.”

That will change by the time you have a bad cylinder is in use or the like have been drinking, adds the professor. Then, according to him, the bacteria from your mouth, and some saliva in the water. This is, however, a feed for the bacteria, allowing them to grow.

This will keep the water for the longest time is good:

  • at a low temperature of, for example, in the refrigerator
  • do not apply in direct sunlight
  • in a clean bottle which you didn’t have a drink
  • in a glass or stainless steel bottle

The bacteria in the water, can’t you see

A spokesperson from the Network recommends that all the water in the bottle every day for you to change it, because it is unlucky enough bacteria in a self-filled bottle to be able to sit down. For example, by the use of a washing-up liquid, using your own mondbacteriën, just because someone else is out of the bottle and has been drinking, or because of the bottle in a bad place to be located, and the bottle is not good enough cleaned need.

Where the bottle is found, it is according to the Network also has an impact on the quality of the water. The bottle is filled with the sun, or in a bag on a hot day at the beach? Or was the bottle in the fridge?

“The bacteria in the water, you can’t see it, but under the influence of the sun and the heat is rapidly growing. Clean containers, at low temperatures, and in a little bit of sunlight and water on the other hand, very long shelf life.”

Tainted water smells musty

As soon as you get water for the time it starts to smell, it’s under Network loaded with the bacteria. That smell is caused by the gases that the bacteria secrete. This is in accordance with the water are difficult to observe, because you can’t see it or taste it. Therefore, it recommends a Network in order to be sure your bottle is clean and refreshing.

“You fill the water bottle with dish soap but with hot water”

Really sick of all the bacteria in the water, according to a professor of Zwietering may not work. “It is a dirty feeling that the bacteria in a flask have been growing, but it is not a hazard to one’s health. In most cases, but the bacteria out of your mouth.”

‘Washing up liquid is a breeding ground for bacteria’

How do you get the water to store it, for example, of a plastic, glass or stainless steel bottle makes it according to the Zwietering, not so much out of us. “Glass and stainless steel, has a small advantage, that there will be less material out of the container into the water, which is also a minor source of food for the bacteria, it may have been. But that is hardly relevant. The glass can break, and that seems to me to be a greater risk to human health than bacteria in the water.”

According to the two experts, it is one bottle. “You can use your bottle, keep it and use it until he has a leak,” says the spokesman of the Network. “Wipe it as little as possible with the washing-up liquid. That is because it is a breeding ground for bacteria. A really hygienic way you are doing it by the bottle at least once a week and rinse it with boiling water.”

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