Houston is struggling with severe flooding by hurricane Harvey

Houston is struggling with severe flooding by hurricane Harvey

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Due to the continuing rainfall have more and more parts of Houston suffer from floods. So a thousand people have already been rescued from their homes, reports CNN.

In just a few hours there fell more than 355 millimeters, in the Netherlands is that the amount of rainfall in four months. That report Weerplaza.

The extreme rainfall is a side effect of hurricane Harvey, which is now a tropical storm. The rivers are due to the abundant rainfall, burst their banks came into being.

In the coming days there will be another 500 millimeters of rain fall, and will be even more parts of the Texas city flood. The weather services have the residents of Houston advised not in the cellar to go. Currently is the center of Harvey is still at about 200 kilometres south-west of the Texan city.


Residents in areas affected by floods are called to not to leave their homes because the surrounding roads are not more to use. Residents must retreat to their rooftops and wait for rescue.

Rescue workers do their best according to the Texas governor. More help is not to convert because all of the organizations according to their full capacity are employed. The local police calls on residents with boats also to help in the evacuation of other residents.

Harvey in Texas

The most inconvenience over the coming days is expected because of the persistent rainfall and flooding will cause.

HHarvey is the heaviest hurricane that the USA in twelve years time has reached.

In several places, the power failed, there would be hundreds of thousands of people without power sit

A badly damaged church in Rockport, where the hurricane landed.

Many traffic lights and lampposts killed.

NASA gave Friday images free of the approaching hurricane. They are made from the space station ISS.

Stormy weather along the Texas coast.

Harvey rapidly in strength after reaching Texas.

A firefighter looks at the damage after a fire caused by the hurricane in Corpus Christi.

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State of emergency

Texas and Louisiana have the state of emergency is declared. The Us president, Donald Trump has made the situation in Texas Friday night officially declared natural disaster is declared. Thus, all possible resources from the national government for aid available.

Harvey also became the oil and gas industry in and around the Gulf of Mexico a lot. The staff of more than a hundred production platforms have been evacuated, and half of the drilling rigs shut down. The supply of crude oil reduced this by about a quarter, or about 430.000 barrels per day.

The daily delivery of natural gas decreased by more than 23 million cubic metres.


Streets in Houston are flooded as a result of hurricane Harvey

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