House of Cards 5: ‘Creamy, murderous, but it is not always surprising’

House of Cards 5: ‘Creamy, murderous, but it is not always surprising’

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The fifth season of the popular Netflix series House of Cards is starting on Tuesday. What do the reviewers of the new season?

Deadline – Give no stars

“The fifth season of House of Cards brings the swagger back that is so characteristic for the first two seasons, before Frank and Claire Underwood in the White House are place names. (…) The story, that the thread of the last episode immediately picks up, is told with a renewed kind of smoothness, something we still a little bit missing in the last seasons.”

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The Netherlands – 3 stars

“On the acting of Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright once again nothing but praise: unlikely how the two of their characters are gewórden. Also about the appearance of the series – so sleek, so beautiful shot on so many fantastic locations – is not a cross word to invent. And yet wring something. House of Cards suffers, in a certain sense to the Suits-syndrome. If you are there for the first time to look is layered, extremely interesting and entertaining, but once you’re used to and your expectations are kept up, is the surprise sometimes hard to find.”

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Digital Spy – Give no stars

“Frank’s increasing wickedness is clear with a lot of fun played by Kevin Spacey – are onderonsjes with the camera are changed in long monologues. (…) It is no surprise that Robin Wright is phenomenal in her role of Claire Underwood. It is her process that is most interesting to follow, especially in a season where the supporting disappointing enough on the side are pushed. (…) The first episodes of the new season, its like silence before the storm, because as of episode six entering the series again the murderous path that we of House of Cards are used.”

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The Importance of Limburg – Give no stars

“Showrunner Beau Willimon left after last season, this political drama, writers Melissa James Gibson and Frank Pugliese have his job taken over. That is fortunately not to notice. They grab even back to some of the elements from the first seasons that this first original series from Netflix immediately, a spot resulted in the best series of the last few years. (…) But the best moments are those when he is the fourth wall breaks. “You have nothing to be afraid of”, he tries to get you in your easy chair or bed to soothe. Of the fictional American president, we have indeed nothing to fear. He gives us only almost thirteen hours of good television.”

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