House Dems ready for emergency border bill

nearvideo military service member assigned to the southern border, found dead in Arizona

Another military service member assigned to, the securing of the U.S.-Mexico border has died in southern Arizona, according to authorities.

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On the roster: house Dems ready for emergency border bill – Not as ‘middle class Joe’ – Senate Dems borrow house playbook for 2020 – Trump says rape accuser ‘not my type’- Extreme weather warning

Roll Call: “house Democratic leader sought to tamp down a rebellion among their party, the left edge Tuesday as they ready for a floor vote on $ 4.5 billion in emergency funding for the increase in migrants at the U.S. southern border. Means Chairman Nita M. Lowey, D-NY, offered a new manager’s amendment addresses the concerns of the Progressive Caucus and Hispanic Caucus members about the care of children in the custody of customs and border protection. Your change would be. a turn on requirements for CBP for the development of standards for medical care, nutrition, hygiene and training of personnel, as well as a plan to ensure access to translation services for people ‘found’ by the US immigration agencies The move followed a late-night event Monday in Speaker Nancy Pelosi‘s office, where the Democrats made clear their irritation with President Donald Trump‘s immigration policies.”

Trump threatens to veto AP: “The White house is threatening to veto a $ 4.5 billion house bill to improve the treatment of families with migration background, was detained after crossing the southern U.S. border, said the measure would hamstring the administration’s border security arrangements and fresh questions about the laws of fate. The warning came as the Hispanic and liberal Democrats house press leaders to add provisions to the legislation, the strengthening of the protection measures for children of migrants, changes could. the measure is even less palatable to President Donald Trump Although revisions are possible, house leaders still hope for approval as early as Tuesday.”

Pence takes the lead on Latino outreach – AP: “Vice President Mike Pence is the introduction of a “Latinos for Trump’ coalition in Miami, the effort of the trump campaign to engage Latino voters in the run-up to the election in 2020. The event comes a day before the first Democratic presidential primary debate, also in Miami, and a week after President Donald Trump formally launched his campaign in Orlando. These signals Florida importance for the President’s choice is hoping the. The state believes the home of more than 2 million registered Latino voters, and the trump campaign, that you have an opening with them, because the President of the economic policy, which they say have contributed to the low unemployment rates among the Latinos, among other issues. The Republicans see this as an opportunity, especially in South Florida where the substantial Cuban population tilts conservative.”

“[The power of raising armies] gave birth to a competition between the States, which is a kind of auction for men.” – Alexander Hamilton, Federalist No. 22

UPI: “When times were good, the dockworkers of Portus, the port of Imperial Rome, enjoyed a surprisingly varied diet. But a new analysis of ancient animal and human remains – detailed in the journal antiquity this week – suggests that the diets of the city of work moved to class, as Rome fell into decay. Portus was. in the first century A. D., which For four centuries it served as the Roman ” gate of the Mediterranean sea and a nexus of Maritime trade However, archaeological analysis suggests, the city had taken a defensive stance with the fifth century. Protective walls were built, and warehouses, a place to store imports from North Africa and elsewhere, were used to house the dead. … By the time the vandals Rome sacked in the year 455 A. D., the nutrition of the port’s dockworkers rely looked much more like the diets of other farmers on vegetable proteins, pottages and stews.”

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Trump job performance
Average Approval
: 44.5 Percent
The average of the rejection: 52 percent
Net Score: -7.4 Points
Change from a week ago: up 1.4 points
[Average, includes: Monmouth University: 42% approve, reject – 51%; USA Today/Suffolk: 49% approve, reject – 48%; Fox News: 45% approve, reject – 53%; NBC/WSJ: 44% approve – 53% reject; Gallup: approve 43% – 55% oppose it.]

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WaPo: “[Joe] Biden points to the presidential election campaign that he would often have the poorest member of the Senate of the United States, and for at least a decade, describes himself as ” middle class Joe.’ But since leaving office he has enjoyed such an explosion of wealth, not to make millions of dollars, largely from the book deals and speaking fees, which ranged to as much as $200,000 per speech, to show public documents. … Since leaving the Vice presidency, Biden has rented, purchased the McLean house and a US $ 2.7 million, 4,800-square-foot cottage near the water in Rehoboth Beach, Del., to go along with his main residence, the nearly 7,000 square feet of great lake to be built at home in front of more than two decades in Wilmington, Del. Biden is accelerated, the income and the lifestyle that it has financed the former vice president in a much more refined world he inhabited previously.”

NBC sets the debate rules – ABC News: “politicians tend to be long-winded, but, in brief, is the name of the game on the crowded stage at the first Democratic presidential debate in Miami on Wednesday and Thursday. The candidates have 60 seconds to answer questions and 30 seconds to respond to follow-ups. And it is statements are not opening, when candidates will have a chance to deliver a final word. The two-hour debates will be by zip fast, with five segments, each night separated by four commercial breaks. Ten candidates are set each evening on NBC News, MSNBC, and Telemundo after a total of 20 candidates for the Democratic National Committee, the threshold for participation. With so many candidates, there is only so much time to go. “It’s a bit of exaggeration, called it a debate,’ the former Vice President Joe Biden joked in Iowa earlier this month. “It’s like a lightning round.'”

McConnell scoffs at vote delay in The debates – appeal: “Senate majority Leader Mitch McConnell, made clear on Tuesday that Democrats are going to have to filibuster the year 2020, the defense authorization bill, if you don’t want the final votes this week. The Kentucky Republican, opened the Senate with criticism of the Monday afternoon statement by Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer, D-NY, the ” defense policy bill votes, including the consideration of a key amendment in respect of restrictions on the use of funds for a war with Iran, should be delayed until after this week, the democratic presidential debates. ‘Move legislation on our national defense, this space for the election campaign? In the midst of the current crisis in a foreign country? Come on. Come on,’ McConnell said. McConnell described his own reaction to Schumer’s request as ‘infidels.'”

Moulton makes small ad buy during the debates – WashTimes: “Rep. Seth Moulton not on the presidential debate stage in Miami, but his campaign released a new TV advertisement on Tuesday, to air in early States this week, the Massachusetts Democrat says it is time for a “new generation” of leadership. In a 30-second TV spot, Mr. Moulton touts the notes as ‘progressive’ and ‘practical’, that he served four combat tours in Iraq, and that he has spoken out against the war. … Versions of the TV commercials are scheduled to air in Iowa and New Hampshire on Wednesday, and in South Carolina, and Nevada on Thursday.”

Fox News: “President Trump has renewed his attacks on Joe Biden, this time to question why the former President Barack Obama has not endorsed his former Vice-President. In a new interview, Trump asked, whether it is a ‘great mystery’ of why Obama has Biden secured. “How can he not be President, Obama is in favour of him, it doesn’t have a reason why he approves of him, Trump told The hill. “He was the vice president. They seemed to come together. President Obama does not approve of him is rather… a big secret.’ According to the ponderance, the President Biden, who’s lying, accused, if he stated previously, he’s not asked to endorse Obama for him. ‘Then he goes and lies and says, ‘I asked the President not to support me” … give me a break,’ Trump told The hill.”

Booker is open to encounters with notorious bigot Farrakhan – Fox News: “Sen. Cory Booker over the weekend, expressed readiness to meet with well-known anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan, raising eyebrows given his criticism only days earlier by the 2020 presidential rival Joe Biden’s remarks about work, segregation ists. The New Jersey Democrat, said that many found Biden’s remarks hurtful.’ But at a campaign event in Nevada on Saturday, Booker was asked whether he would meet with Nation of Islam leader Farrakhan. Booker appeared to exclude the possibility, however, made it clear that he is ‘familiar’ with Farrakhan faith. “I don’t feel the need to do this, but I’m not one of those people who says, I would not sit down to listen to someone what you have to say,’ Booker said about a possible meeting with Farrakhan. Then he talked about his own perception of Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, when he was mayor of Newark, N. J…”

Survey shows a third of Americans say abortion top 2020 factor – Monmouth University: “One-in-three Americans rank abortion as a top issue in deciding how they vote in the 2020 election. Democrats feel rather than a Republican, so according to the latest Monmouth University poll. Many Americans say that Republican politicians spend too much time on the issue of abortion, at both the national and state level, especially compared to Democratic incumbents. The majority of Americans support access to abortion, including 32% who say it should always be legal and 31% say it should be legal with some restrictions. A further 24% say that abortion should be illegal except for cases of rape or incest or to save the life of the mother, and 10% say that abortion should be illegal in all cases. … A third of American voters say that abortion is a top factor to say in your vote for President next year, including 2% who say it is the most important question, and 32% that it is very important to them.”

Politico: “Senate Democrats want you to forget about Stacey Abrams, Steve Bullock , and Beto O’rourke. Instead, you are in the hope that the voters get pumped about Theresa Greenfield, Cal Cunningham , and Sara Gideon. After their highest profile recruits, the Senate passed campaigns, Democrats put on a collection of relatively unknown and untested candidates to retake the Senate in the year 2020 — a challenging task, given a map, be inclined in the direction of the Republican territory. But what the recruits are missing in the name ID, party leaders say, they compensate for with your profile: Several women and military veterans, the type of resume, the Democrats went to the house majority last year. ‘These are the type of in the year 2018-House model,’ Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), said Democrats need to net three seats in the Senate to win control of the chamber — four, if you fail back to win the White house. But you take in only two States, the President, Donald Trump lost in 2016…”

Schumer’s recruitment for Iowa – time: “In a time when Democrats are largely focused on the presidential primary, the Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is trying to clear the way for a woman, the demanding Iowa sen. Joni Ernst. A source familiar with the situation said at the TIME that Schumer flew , J. D. Scholten, the Democrat, won a national profile, when he came close to beating Iowa rep. Steve King, Washington in March, about his plans, and later tries to dissuade him from jumping in the race in a phone call. Some Democrats in the state have the country-wide recognition to an invitation to tender for the Republicans is the seat, but currently, Theresa Greenfield, President of The des Moines real estate-business, is the frontrunner for the nomination. You will be supported by the democratic Senate campaign Committee.”

Dems have a top-drawer recruit for the Maine Senate – NYT: “Sara Gideon, the speaker of the Maine house of representatives, said on Monday that she would challenge Senator Susan Collinsso that your the most powerful opponent for a U.S. Senate seat Democrats have found that there is a target in the 2020 election. Mrs Gideon, a Democrat, said that their decision was promoted in part by the vote, that Ms. Collins, a Republican expected to seek her fifth term in office, the occupation of justice support Brett M. Kavanaugh‘s confirmation to the Supreme court. … Wife of Gideon, 47, Freeport, sponsored and had legislation in Maine to expand to be signed into law this year, abortion access, according to the health professionals, not doctors the procedure. She was also expand behind an effort to support families in poverty.”

Shaheen draws a crowd of would-be challengers – WMUR: “WMUR first reported on Friday that retired Brig. gen. Donald Bolduc of Stratham is known for his bid to challenge incumbent Democratic sen. Jeanne Shaheen on Monday at the VFW Post 1631 in Concord. WMUR also reported that the former New Hampshire House speaker Bill O’brien of Nashua, will announce his candidacy for the Senate seat on July 23. And a third of the Republicans, attorney Bryant ‘Corky Messner, of Wolfeboro, continue to seriously consider running for the seat, with an announcement expected in the coming weeks. Bolduc announcement, and the expected candidacy of O’brien and Messner, have been expected since Gov. Chris Sununu announced in mid-may that he to a third term as Governor and not challenge Shaheen next year.”

Bernie allies announce to the house The primary goals of HuffPo: “roots action, a left-wing group, led largely by the followers of sen Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Draft report on 15 members of the house, it is Mature to the view-targets for the progressive primary challenges, the arming of the Democratic party, the populist wing with a new organizing tool, as she attempts to overthrow, a growing number of established companies. … The incumbent members of the house identified to be: Cheri Bustos from Illinois, chairs the house Democrats ” campaign arm; Jim Cooper of Tennessee, Jim Costa of California; Henry Cuellar of Texas; Eliot Engel of New York; Josh God Heimer of New Jersey, Jim Himes of Connecticut, majority Leader Steny Hoyer of Maryland; Derek Kilmer , Washington; Dan Lipinski , Illinois; Gregory Meeks of New York; Brad Schneider of Illinois; Kurt Schrader of Oregon; David Scott of Georgia; and Juan Vargas of California.”

ABC News: “President Donald Trump fired back at a woman who accused him of sexual assault not to say ‘she’s my type’, and claimed that the incident ” never happened.” Of the allegation, the latest in a series of accusations against the President-dating decades back, he denied all. In response, E. Jean Carroll, the last charge could only laugh. The writer who said Donald Trump sexually assaulted them in the mid-1990s, told Anderson Cooper in an interview Monday night: “I love that. I’m so glad I’m not his type. I’m so glad.’ Earlier in the day, the President also said Carroll was a Total lie’ that he sexually assaulted her, said Hill in an interview in the Oval Office: “I say it with great respect: No. 1, she’s not my type. No. 2, it never happened. It never happened, OK?’ Carroll had repeated Interviews with the allegation a couple of hours earlier, during a TV.”

Stephanie Grisham gets strong as a press officer, comms director – NYT: “Stephanie Grisham, Melania Trump‘s loyal and sometimes combative communications director, replacing Sarah Huckabee Sanders , as White House press secretary, the first lady announced on Tuesday. You will also have the additional role of communications director, a position that was vacant since the departure of Bill Shine in March. … On the day Mrs Sanders has announced her resignation, it was 94 days, as they had argued in a briefing with the press and some officials, it would be a powerful tool that would help elevate Mr. Trump over his Democratic opponent in the 2020 race. Mrs. Grisham, who is the President of the trust, is expected to institute real changes, to an office in flux for two-and-a-half years. has earned In the White house, as a fierce defender of Ms. Trump, readers write letters to the media to criticize for the way it covers her.”

Steve Dunlevy
, R. I. P. – New York Post

DOJ is trying to save dubious deal for a sex offender, the now trump – in closet made official-AP met

West Wing rivals to speak Mulvaney – Politically

Pergram: ‘Capitol Hill spending speaks, followed by uncertainty” – Fox News

“It will only get worse, if it is possible, the intensity and the volume, the bombing plane, take a walk to the top.” Lobbyist Larry O’brien, to speak to Roll Call over, the enormous number of congressional fundraising events in Washington this week, 118 to a counter.
“I can feel ever, like a fool! Both Senator Sanders and Senator Warren to propose to pay off outstanding student loan debts. How stupid of me, you have already paid off! So much to scrimp and save to pay off a legitimate debt that I incurred with the full (but erroneous) view that I would be required to pay it back. I was also under the income limits, if I paid the loan, do you think there is no hope that the two could find the senators of wool, to reimburse it in your heart, the me, for what I paid for the stupid way? Not that I expect to be rewarded, as are fiscally responsible, by those who are anything but (and I mean both the house and the Senate). Any chance I could get my unpaid taxes paid/forgiven, if I have to stop my withholdings?” – Kent Haldorson, Beaverton, Ore.

[Ed. Note: I think that the quotas are either always right rock-bottom in fact, Mr. Haldorson. The good news for the Democrats is that the pull-to-the-far-left component of the primary limited by the fact that the two most prominent far-left candidates to fight each other more than they fight the mainstream candidates. The bad news is that long-Sens. are Warren and Sanders in this bidding war, what counts as “far left” is going to get wilder and wilder. By the time the radical faction in the party has on their masters, one can only imagine what the price of admission.]

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WHDH: “Several residents [of the Boston suburb of Melrose] were forced to give up their home to leave, if there is a U-Bahn constipation causes raw sewage to spew uncontrollably from the toilets, the four homes on Thursday. City workers respond to a call about a potential sewer blockage on Brazil Street, at 9:30 a.m. learned the main sewer line was blocked, causing a backup of the entire system, Melrose mayor Gail Infurna , said in a statement. The bathrooms in the four houses in the neighborhood were left covered in a river of filth and the faeces, if the effluent met all of a sudden, without warning. Siliva Ortiz, the video has been recorded, your toilet is overflowing, says the Chaos has left a disgusting stench in their apartment. “I was getting ready for work and then I heard a bubble,” she said. “It was a crazy scene. It is literally only spun and flowed.’ Photos of the aftermath showed the entire bathroom coated in sewage. To form “a tornado of poop spits out,’ Ortiz added began and began.”

Chester [the black lab] is what the psychiatrists mean when they talk about unconditional love. Furthermore, it is unrestrained is more like. You come to our house, and he was so happy to see you, he would knock. (Deliverymen learned to leave things at the front door.)” – Charles Krauthammer (1950-2018) writing in Time magazine on June 10, 2003.

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