House Democrats ” campaign arm, warns consultant helps against primary Challenger

nearvideo Wisconsin swing voters, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is more recognizable as a 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls

GOP action Nick Adams and former Obama economic adviser Robert Wolf donations weigh in the growing area of the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates.

As he tries to keep, and possibly expand, their newly won congressional majority, the house Democrats ” campaign arm, planting an early marker, in the hope of preventing the primary challenges to the established companies.

The democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) – in a letter dated Friday to more than 100 political organization – clearly stated that it will not work, or recommend to the house Democratic candidates, all providers, which will help to displace established companies.


“The core tasks of the DCCC for the election of house Democrats, which includes the promotion and protection established. To this end, the DCCC is not set out transactions with each of its targeted campaigns recommend that each consultant is working with an opponent of a sitting member of the House Democratic Caucus,” the Committee, in a memo from Fox News.

It is a common practice, both the Democratic and the Republican house of representatives and the Senate to protect the re-election of poor incumbents running for re-election. But the DCCC memo, sent extremely early in the election cycle, is a clear signal to a Democratic political company, which has millions in contracts dished out every election by the party Committee of the independent-expenditure arm to be off limits for you, if you are working with the insurgent candidate. And that could be a big dent in a primary Challenger, the ability to take on an incumbent legislator

The step could help the moderate Democrats running for re-election in the crucial swing districts, and even some controversial liberal legislators.

Among those who were behind the memo is a moderate REP Henry Cuellar of Texas, and progressive firebrand Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, according to the National Journal. Both the legislature could challenges up to 2020 in the primary.

In the year 2018 primaries, then-Rep. Michael Capuano of Massachusetts in his bid for a lost of 11. Term in Congress, to now-Rep. Ayanna Pressley. And social conservative democratic Rep. Dan Lipinski is almost lost in his primary, progressive challenger, Marie Newman. Both Newman and Pressley helped her deal by the well-known political business.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez New York, which has become a nationally known progressive leader, defeated then-House Democratic Caucus Chairman, Joseph Crowley, running a low-budget campaign. You could face a Central challenge of their own in 2020. But it is the cooperation with a liberal group, the overthrow Crowley helped, now faced with a new round of primary challenges in 2020 and the establishment of the house Democrats.

There is a history of the party committees, warning of political transactions, to stay away from primary challengers. In recent times, the house and Senate, Republicans re-election to the arms in the 2014 cut-off Jamestown employees of the company targeted GOP incumbent.

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