Hot air balloon crashes minutes after the passenger proposes to girlfriend

They say that all relationships have their ups and downs, but there are very few relationships that have survived a literal crash down to earth, very much like Christine Peters and Stephen Martin.

Peters and Martin was just engaged on board of a hot air balloon ride over Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, when the balloon lost height and crashed into a tree, reports CTV News.

Fortunately, none of the balloon 12 passengers were injured in the incident. What’s more, Martin and Peters say that she is grateful for the crazy engagement story now, they can tell friends.


According to ABC News, prior to the trip, Peters told Martin it was her dream to take a ride in a hot air balloon so that they have a tour booked with Sundance Balloons. A local CTV News affiliate reports that unfavorable weather conditions, delay their trip a couple of times, but on 27 May, Peters, and Martin finally lifted on an aerial sightseeing trip from Edmonton.

During the flight, Martin proposed Peters, who quickly accepted. Just a few minutes later, however, the balloon was reportedly caught in a downdraft and descended in a few trees.

“All of a sudden, we are still 30 or 40 feet in the air and just the whole thing shakes and you should hear the cracking of branches and we are sitting in a tree,” Peters recalled.

“It all happened very fast, so I don’t think we really had a chance to be afraid of it,” said Justin Scott, a fellow passenger who spoke with, and captured the entire crash on video.

The pilot was reportedly able to use his burner to lift the balloon from the tree. He then directed the balloon that was still moving rapidly in the direction of a nearby field.

“Go down, boys, down go, because this is going to be a drag landing,” the pilot can be heard telling the passengers in Scott’s video.

Indeed, the basket touched down and dragged across the field for about 30 seconds — Peters estimated that they traveled about 100 or 200 meters over the ground — for a stop and slumping on his side.


Despite the ordeal, Peters says that neither she nor Martin were scared.

“The pilot was great. He talked us through everything,” Peters said in a satellite interview with CTV News. “[He] let us know to brace ourselves; we knew we were in for a rough landing.

“Just, the tree part was a bit of a surprise,” she admitted.

“If we look at it now, I’m actually glad that we went, because it was a bit of a crazy adventure,” Martin added to CTV News. “Plus, seeing how I proposed to her, it makes for a great story.”

Peters and Martin have one more day for their wedding, but they say that it is planned for “somewhere down the road.”

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