Host anti-Trump website must be data to hand over to ministry USA

Host anti-Trump website must be data to hand over to ministry USA

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Web host DreamHost have a right information about the anti-trump-website handing over to the U.s. department of Justice.

The company informs that Thursday in a blog post. Last week, it became clear that the ministry all sorts of information about the administrators and visitors of the site had requested. DreamHost would be a total of 1.3 million ip addresses of your visitors have to hand over, but the host fought this request in court.

The ministry made Tuesday announced the request to reduce it. The prosecutor said that there was “no interest” in the ip addresses. It was not the intention of the dataverzoek as wide to formulate.

However, there is still information on the administrators of the website. In addition to the ministry the content of e-mails and the discussion list.

A court has now determined that those data have to be handed over to the ministry. The court, moreover, the strict supervision on the process. So is there determined who within the government has access to the data. Also, the department must provide information on all the methods they use to the data to be searched.


DreamHost calls the judge’s decision a victory. “It is a step in the right direction,” says lawyer Chris Ghazarian compared to Techcrunch.

The data was obtained because of a research to demonstrations during the inauguration of president Donald Trump. It were about two hundred people were arrested, including due to vandalism.

DDoS attack

DreamHost was Thursday, the victim of a DDoS attack, as was the company on Twitter know. As a result, most of the services of the web hosting provider offline. The attack began between 17.00 and 18.00 hours (Dutch time). Nowadays most of the services are back online.

DreamHost is known to host controversial websites. The neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer was hosted, but is now banned. During the DDoS-attack was the website, however, again temporarily posted online, reports Ars Technica. Who is behind the DDoS attack, is not known.

The Daily Stormer posted earlier this month an article in which Heather Heyer was attacked. Heyer came to during the protests in Charlottesville, when she was hit by an extreme right-wing protester. The website is now taken offline.

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