Hospitals concerned about shortage of medicines at Brexit without deal

Dutch hospitals are concerned about the supply of medicines as the United Kingdom without permission leave the European Union, writes the NOS Wednesday. In the Netherlands, many medicines used in the UK are approved.

Are drugs and other medical devices will not be allowed to the Dutch market as the British on the 29th of march without a deal from the EU steps.

“Pacemakers for example are almost all by American companies and made in the UK certified because of the language”, says Gerwin Meijer of the Dutch Federation of University Medical Centres (NFU) against the NIS.

He points out that Dutch hospitals often do not know what products you, as a British certificate. “We buy these via Dutch middlemen and have no visibility on where those products come from, as long as it is certified,” says Meijer.

The netherlands gets an annual 2 billion euros in drugs from the UK, of which a part for export to other countries is intended. The NOS reports that the ministry of Health are currently viewing, or certain medications outside of the UK EU-certified or can be replaced by an alternative.

Bruins is open for conversation

Meijer hopes that minister Bruno Bruins of Health a solution at European level, will find. He thinks of consent to also, after a ‘no deal-Brexit’ the medication to continue using it. “These products after 29 march, exactly the same and still just as safe as today,” says Meijer.

Minister Bruins late in a response to the NIS able to be open to a conversation. He has the legal ability to take medication without proper registration temporarily to allow.

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