‘Horrific’ $8 airport eggs on toast breakfast hit online

Social media users were shocked after a British holidaymaker has shared with a snap of his “horrifying” eggs on toast for airport breakfast.


Social media users were shocked after a British holidaymaker has shared with a snap of his “horrific” airport breakfast.

Reddit user M1BG posted a photo of his £5.70 ($7.54) “eggs on toast” from fast-food outlet Friska at Luton Airport in England, The Sun reports.

But instead of a healthy breakfast, the man was greeted by three watery eggs and two triangles of warm, soggy bread thrown in a cardboard box.

The poster wrote: “Tbh I was hoping a little more effort would have gone into my £ 5.70 eggs on toast for breakfast Friska at the Airport of Luton.”

The injustice did not escape fellow Redditors, one of whom, under the username pvmnt, aptly described by the so-called breakfast, “eggs in the neighbourhood of toast.”


Even that was too much for Selcotset, who claimed that the word ‘toast’ glorified what was basically nothing more than “dried bread”.

Some people were pretty sure that Luton was the source of the problem, including a number of the inhabitants of the city.

DaniliniHD told the original poster, that is the real mistake was to go “anywhere in the vicinity of Luton” in the first place.

“I live here,” he said, “not at all worth it.”

ThatIsSoGerard agreed, claiming that “having expectations in Luton will only lead to disappointment.”

But what most people were concerned at the exorbitant price of airport food in general.

StarkSeahawk approvingly claimed that he would pay £5.70 ($7.54) “to not eat of that food.”

Despite his plea for “a little more effort,” the person who posted the photo is not known whether they are finished with the meal anyway.

Friska co-founder Griff Holland, told The Sun Online, “I can totally understand why the person who posted the picture felt disappointed by the presentation of the poached eggs on toast they were served this morning.

“They didn’t look as they should have done and I am working on the franchise operator to ensure that the presentation of all dishes is always up to scratch.

“Mistakes sometimes happen when you are serving more than 7,000 people per week and we would like to invite the customer back for a breakfast on our back to win their trust and confidence in what we do and how we do it.”

This article originally appeared on The Sun.

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