Hooikoortsseizoen the early going, due to the relatively mild winter

Hay fever sufferers could this week get any complaints. That guy is the alder, which is a result of the mild winter, relatively early in flower. The elzenpollen, of which about 35 per cent of hay fever sufferers are allergic to, and can, in the coming weeks to ensure a full nose, watery eyes, and a slight tightness of the chest.

Letty de Weger, hooikoortsdeskundige of the Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC), you will see the elzenpollenseizoen on Friday, was initiated. “In the first week of February, I do not have a lot of elzenpollen is observed, and less than ten pollen grains per cubic meter of air. In the case of this week, I’ve been there more than a hundred can be measured.”

The els is in accordance with the leiden university medical center have a reputation for being the bloeiwaarneming of the tree is closely related to the temperature. The elzenpollenseizoen this year’s early start has everything to do with the mild temperatures of the past few weeks.

The elzenpollenseizoen has already begun to take shape, it is relatively early, ” says Weger. “But it’s not really that special. The elzenpollenseizoen is often asked by a mild winter. However, this year belongs to one of the past few years, with regards to the start-up of the hooikoortsseizoen.”

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This past Friday was the first sunny day after a relatively gentle week. The buttons on the elzenboom in bloom this early in the morning. This past weekend, were taking, so all have symptoms.

This coming weekend is going to increase. The temperatuursverwachtingen to rise in the next few days and into the double-digit temperatures, which cause the buds of the alder are still consumed, and the hooikoortsklachten to grow.

‘Berkenpollenseizoen will most likely start earlier’

The Scales thinking that it was a relatively mild winter, there is also to ensure that other hooikoortspieken have. “From the earth to the point in its entirety soon, and that may mean that the trees early the next morning started with a flower.”

The berkenpollenseizoen to follow in the beginning of april, usually on the elzenpollenseizoen. However, if the mild weather in april and still persists, it may be berkenpollenseizoen at the end of march, is already underway, and the early-april peaks. “But when it comes to two weeks and all of a sudden a very cold period of time, then moves to the berkenpollenseizoen again.”

Or on the other hooikoortspieken also have, depending on the temperature. However, having hay fever sufferers, according to The weighing scale does not have to worry about more hooikoortspieken due to the mild winter weather: this is coming up sooner than you expect.

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