Honkballers conquer 22nd European title with victory in Spain

Honkballers conquer 22nd European title with victory in Spain

The Dutch honkballers have Sunday for the 22nd time the European champion will be crowned. The team of Steve Janssen was in the final in Hoofddorp after ten innings with a 3-2 too strong for Spain.

Yurendell de Caster made in the extension for the decisive point by a single store with all the bases occupied.

Orange continued in the past week and a half undefeated at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in their own country. The defending champion won all of his eight group matches, including against Spain (1-0).

The Spaniards conquered for the second time European silver. They are the last decades is normally the fixed number three of Europe behind the Netherlands and Italy, but by a victory in the first group stage at the Italians was the formation of manager, Paco Figueroa for the first time since the first european CHAMPIONSHIPS in 1954 in the european CHAMPIONSHIP final.

Final european cup baseball Netherlands-Spain in the picture

Dwayne Kemp makes the second point for Orange.

Kemp dodged just the tap of the Spanish catcher.

Yurendell De Caster was to the final, the Dutchman with the highest batting average.

Randolph Oduber is from the thuisplaat in the second inning.

The 41-year-old Rob Cordemans was the starting pitcher in four innings on the hill near the Netherlands.

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Orange, which began without the new father Kalian Sams, struck already in the second inning. Designated hitter Gianison Boekhoudt began to ensure non playing with a tweehonkslag and hit eject on Dwayne Kemp and a veldfout of pitcher Leslie Nacar on a slap of Randolph Oduber flocked all the bases full.

Nick Urbanus benefited optimally by with a single through the middle Boeckhoudt and Kemp on the thuisplaat to save, giving the Netherlands an early lead 2-0.

When the Netherlands started to use Rob Cordemans as a pitcher. The 41-year-old rechtshander stood in his four innings but only two hits and no points.

His successor Lars Huijer came in the sixth Spanish ensure non playing in the problems when by three hits, the bases volliepen with two out, but the reliever came undamaged out of the inning.

The netherlands came at the casting of Antonio Noguera understand hardly. The two Spanish pitcher in five innings was good for seven times three battle, and he allowed but two hits.


Profspeler Shairon Martis took over in the eighth inning throwing about Huijer, while Sams to Hoofddorp was rushed and the field came in for Kemp.

Spain welcomed Martis directly with two hits. Catcher Dashenko Ricardo stopped the momentum briefly by Oscar Angulo with a very handsome pick-off throw at second base, but with two from drew Jesus Martinez for the equalizer (2-2) by a distant tweepuntenhomerun in the rechtsveld.

In the gelijkmakende Dutch ensure non playing began The Caster directly with a tweehonkslag. Boeckhoudt was intentionally walked, but was then singled out Sams a crucial error at third base, where The Caster was. Boeckhoudt was the second ‘zero’ and by three battle for Oduber, Spain came unscathed out of the inning.

Also in the ninth inning kept both teams without points, making an extension in which both teams the ensure non playing began with runners on first and second base the decision.

The Dutch pitcher Loek van Mil loved Spain for two times three battle clever of scoring, after which The Caster with his bang through the middle of the inside of the field for large euphoria resulted in Hoofddorp.

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