Honkballers also want to be at the DEC to prove that they are the boss of Europe’

The Dutch honkballers are confident that they will this week, an olympic-sized ticket to secure the olympic qualifying tournament (JAN), in, Italy. The newly crowned European champion will begin the tournament on Wednesday against the Czech republic.

The orange is also from Israel, Spain, south africa, South Africa, and Italy, and only the winner of the tournament is the place for the Olympic Games next year in Tokyo, japan.

“We have a good mix of experience and young talent within the group. I truly believe that we have the gold and pick up at the hotel. But first, we need to make it this week,” says pitcher Diegomar Markwell, who is the Olympics of 2004 and 2008, has.

“We will have a Sunday evening after getting the European championship, a celebration will be held. But after that, the focus was to OCTOBER, because that’s the most important tournament.”

The netherlands was trying to get to the semi-finals of the european CHAMPIONSHIPS was the participation in the OCT. “But we are on the same level, further, since the winning of the european CHAMPIONSHIPS, it gives a good feeling. That is what we will use for this tournament. We want to show here is that we are the boss of Europe,” said Markwell.


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‘You can just put an olympic gold, pick it up”

The APR is the number one to Play with and to get to the track for a second attempt on the second of OCT. The 39-year-old Markwell, who, as Rob Cordemans (44) a plurality of Playing who wants at all costs to succeed in the olympic mission.

“I’ve had a lot of big tournaments to be played, but the Games have been very, very helpful. You’re already the stars of other sports such as Ronaldinho, Serena Williams and Usain Bolt. These are great reminders. In 2008, it was my birthday on the day of the opening ceremonies, that continues to always close to my heart.”

The player thinks that the Netherlands is very, very far out on the Olympics in Tokyo, japan. “The Japanese are crazy about baseball. They know all the players, regardless of whether you are in the Major League that plays in or not. If we win, can we just like gold, deal with it.”

The netherlands lost out on the CHAMPIONSHIP in the openingsduel of the Czech republic, and it is in OCTOBER, so out to the world. To the nations Wednesday, 13: 30, opposite one another.

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