Hong kong protesters block roads after the end of ultimatum

Protesters block on Friday, several roads and a few buildings in the City. The action follows a day after the expiry of an ultimatum to which they are a director, Carrie Lam had previously imposed on them. The people had to her, among others, called for a controversial uitleveringswetsvoorstel to take it away.

There have been protests against a law that the extradition of the suspects, China makes it possible. People in hong Kong fear an encroachment on their independence. The area has the status of a special administrative region of China.

One of the frozen buildings, is the headquarters of the police force. As a result, the police department is a small part of the work is to be discontinued. The block is a delay in the treatment of, 43 emergency calls, conducted, reported to the police.

One of the participants, the well-known activist named Joshua Wong. The student was one of a series of large demonstrations in hong Kong five years ago. He came on Monday, early, quite, after two-thirds of his three-month prison sentence had been served.

Joshua Wong, at the headquarters of the police force. (Photo: AFP)

The fourth major action in a very short period of time

All the way to the on Friday, the fourth major action in a little over two weeks. Because of the mass demonstrations has the Lamb, and the discussion of the bill last week, for an indefinite period of time is suspended, but the protesters are not satisfied with it. They claim that the proposal is finally withdrawn. Also, the requirements of many of the retirement of the Lamb, is the highest officer of the hong Kong sar.

She has apologized for how the situation with the uitleveringswet is about to expire. Lam acknowledges that what she can do with dropping it, but it’s not going to be her duties to lay down. The director hopes to have the trust and confidence of the hong kong population to recover.

At the roadblocks of the previous week continued and the riot police including tear gas and rubber bullets in clashes with protesters. Dozens of people, including policemen, were injured. The protesters demand that all charges against them be dropped.

Over the past couple of weeks, have been 32 people arrested. But 24 of those have been charges filed. It is not clear where they will all be suspect. One of the suspects, a 22-year-old administrator of a Telegram group chat with more than 30,000 members.

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