Hong kong is set to be controversial, uitleveringswet, for an indeterminate period of time from the

The government of hong Kong, it is a controversial bill that would have given the unit crime in China to facilitate for an indefinite period of time is suspended.

Carrie Lam, the head of the executive branch, in hong Kong, made this Saturday afternoon (local time) announced. At the beginning of the week, it gave Lamb, that the law is just, it would have to be adopted.

The bill, which led to this day of large protests. Tens of thousands of protesters are carried out of action due to the roads in a hong Kong bar.

The protests have led to clashes with the security forces, which have decided to the rubber bullets shot and tear gas to put in. There were dozens of people injured and the police made eleven arrests.

‘Bill, led to a division in the society

“The bill has a lot of discord in the society,” said the Lamb on Saturday at a press conference. She said that the call of the government, ever heard of “pause and reflect”.

Also, let them know that it’s a sense of urgency to act this year, yet it has to be “in, perhaps, no longer exists. Lamb said, taking into account, “one of the greatest interests of hong Kong, namely, the maintenance of peace and order.

The government of hong Kong was of the view that the proposed uitleveringswet would have prevented the city is not a safe haven for criminals, it would have been.

Opponents of the legislation have, nonetheless, announced that the planned mass demonstration on Sunday will continue as usual.

Hong kong is a semi autonomic region, China

The bill was controversial because hong Kong is a special administrative region within China. The majority of the house of representatives is in the hands of the supporters of the Chinese government.

In 1997, China agreed that hong Kong’s high degree of autonomy would be preserved. This was the year for the region, the United Kingdom, was transferred to Beijing.


Why hong Kong is so often demonstrates


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