‘Homeless people have more often suffer from sleep deprivation’

‘Homeless people have more often suffer from sleep deprivation’

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Homeless people sleep an average of six hours and 31 minutes per night. Eight percent of them sleep less than four hours per night.

This is evident from a study of French homeless people from Paris and the surrounding cities, which is published in JAMA Internal Medicine.

To 3.453 homeless people were asked about their sleep duration from the last time. These results were compared with the results of a survey that was held among the ‘ordinary’ population.

41 percent of homeless people are know to suffer from insomnia, compared with 19 percent of the other group. In addition, 33 percent suffer from fatigue during the day, something that fifteen percent of non-homeless persons.

Sleeping pills

25 percent take ever medications in order to sleep faster to be able to grasp it, compared to 15 percent of the people who are not homeless.

The study concludes that more attention should be paid to the lack of sleep of this population. As there would be in shelters earphones, oral pain relievers and cushions available.

Also, we recommend screens between the beds to make the homeless feel safer and therefore may sleep better, be able to grasp it.

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