home remedies

Home remedies

Ear congestion happens when the inner ear is having an obstruction that makes a feeling of pressure, pain and short-term hearing loss. It may be the effect of a sinus or ear infection, a cold or flu, absorbed water or an allergy.

Below mentioned home remedies for Ear Congestion will help you to get some relief

  • • The most effective remedy for this is to apply some heat to the ears by hot towel with a heating pad absorbed around your ears.
  • • If you are still facing colds, reduce congestion by the help of saline nasal spray which will make some relief to your ears.
  • • You can use some sweet oil mixed in warm water and slowly pour into your ears. You may require some aid, so have somebody to help you and you have to lounge on the sofa for proper procedure.
  • • You can also make use of hydrogen peroxide mixed in warm water and pour into your rears. This process is the same as the sweet oil apart from that you have to wait for the peroxide to take its effects. As and when its froths and bubbles start to form and you should let it stay for a few minutes in the ears. You can exhaust out the blocked matter in your ears, by putting the ears in a downward position sideways.
  • • A few drops of garlic oil juice will also help to remove the obstruction from the ears. This is suggested to be done in the morning, as if you fell any discomfort or pain in using it this can be taken out right away.
  • • You can also put a few drops of eucalyptus oil for better effects.

You can also do air pressure by just closing your mouth and holding your nose with your fingers and breathing through the nose.

If you are still experiencing congested ears then you should immediately meet the doctor. As this may cause more harm and would lead to more problems.

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