‘Home’ by Fien Troch wins six Ensor: “This is the crowning achievement of the whole team’

The film ‘Home’ by Fien Troch, is the big winner at the ceremony of the Ensors, and was a whopping six nominations redeem. “I’m going to a larger chimney’.

Fien Troch © Epa

Saturday evening in the Kursaal in Ostend Ensor award. That the Flemish film awards.

‘Home’ may the Ensor for Best Film, Best Director (Fien Troch), Best Actor (the award went jointly to Loïc Bellemans, Mistral Guidotti andSebastian Dun), Best Actress (Lena Suijkerbuijk), Best Female supporting role (Els Deceukelier) and Best editing (Nico Leunen) to take home.

‘Le Ciel Flamand” fell twice at the prices. With Best Male supporting actor (Wim Willaert) and Best D. O. P. writes of the film by Peter Monsaert two Ensors to his name.

Also Nathalie Teirlinck, director of ‘Le passé devant nous” takes two frames to take home for her movie. Next Best Debut, she won the Industry Award. Further lost My first highway’, ‘Storm’, ‘Souvenir’, ‘premier’ and ‘Ghost Rockers: For all?’ in the prices.

The Gala was aaneengepraat by hosts and hostesses , Maaike Cafmeyer and Tine embrechts has been. There was live music from pianist Jef Neve and his band.

Looking for a larger fireplace

The brooding drama of ‘Home’ has been much lauded and won the prize for best director at the Venice film festival edition 2016.

After the award ceremony in Ostend called Troch, the Ensor for Best Film, the most beautiful of the six. ‘That is the most comprehensive. The prize for direction is of course wonderful, but a good director, you can also but a good movie”, she found. “It’s like a house you build a movie not only. So this is a prize for the whole team. Without them I could not.’ Where the prices exactly will be place in the house, it is currently still a question mark. Also the Silver Lion which is Troch in Venice won, still waiting for a spot. “I live too small to get them all a beautiful place. I’m a big fireplace need it’, joked the winner.

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