‘Home’ by Fien Troch at film festival Venice: A haunting journey of suspense and ennui

After “someone Else’s Happiness’, ‘Unspoken’ and ‘Kid’ extends Fien Troch its catalogue of domestic horror stories with conviction and even more class with ‘Home’, a lively, but naargeestig and oppressive portrait of teenagers that is difficult to find their way in the adult world, and adults, that is difficult to find their way in the tienerwereld.

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A key player is Kevin, a 17-year-old blonde boy for a long time in a youth prison has sat, with an apprenticeship contract are going to work in the case of his aunt, and temporarily at that family withdraws in anticipation of better times at home. In the meantime, he fell in love, and mates with his cousin Sammy and his schoolbuddy John, which is home to such is oppressed by his unstable bitch of a mother that there is a hormonal bomblet burst.

Just like in the excellent “the Kid” turns out to be the family and the family is also now more a place of tension and frustration instead of love and security, and also now yawning the gaps between the generations so deep that both get dizzy with all the friction and eruptions of that. In addition, there is also actual no escape, what Troch emphasised by clever use of the small 4/3 format, that Gus Van Sant has previously used in his tienervarianten on ‘crime and punishment’: ‘Elephant’ and ‘Paranoid Park’.

To the exhibitionist world of the kids make it tangible also with the GSM shot movies between the from the loose wrist shot home – garden – and schoolscènes welded (‘Home’ has a more docu-realistic look in contrast to the dromerigere and impressionistischere ‘Kid’), and a lot of atmospheric pop music on the soundtrack, making Sixteen in the sexual gechargeerde territory of other tienerchroniqueurs as Larry Clark and Greg Araki arrives, but without her own voice, or her characters is about to lose.

‘Home’, that was written by Trochs friend and editor, Nico Leunen, may begin as a trip along familiar, confused kids, and still verwardere adults populated terrain; long it takes before you get sucked into a trip of suspense and ennui, and the form and the content merge into a complex tangle of intrigue and impulses, with good, naturalistic performances from (almost) the full cast.

A gripping, confident, and created story about what teens, and adults, in these YouTube times, binds and separates out – and samendrijft.

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