Hollywoodproducer Harvey Weinstein dismissed after allegations of sexual harassment

Dozens of women testified to in the American media about sexual harassment by the CEO The Weinstein Company.

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Harvey Weinstein, CEO of The Weinstein Company, is fired. Weinstein, who together with his brother at the head of the production company for hollywood films, was accused of sexual harassment by dozens of staff members.

Last week Thursday brought TheNew York Times several cases of sexual assault to light. Over a period of thirty years, it would be Harvey Weinstein several times complaints for sexual assault has bought off and cover up put. Also actress Ashley Judd spoke openly about her experience with Weinstein and his sexual harassment. He asked the actress whether she wanted him to watch while he would be showering.

In an open letter let Harvey Weinstein, who, along with his brother Bob at the head of The Weinstein Company, know that he temporarily step back would convert to his problems. At the same time, he found his perosonlijke errors and more than that of Jay-Z, the rapper who, in his most recent album, admitted that he and his wife Beyoncé had cheated. With Weinstein took a third of the board of directors resigned, all of them men.

But The Weinstein Company, among others, Pulp Fiction and The King’s Speech release, Sunday (local time) in a notice that Harvey with immediate effect from the company.

“In the light of the new information about the misconduct of Harvey Weinstein which in recent days came up, the directors of The Weinstein Company, and Harvey Weinstein was informed that his employment at the The Weinstein Company is terminated, with immediate effect,’ reads the statement where the Los Angeles Times reported.

Notable: Weinstein positioned itself for long as a Democrat in the American sense of the word. He raised money for Hillary Clinton, took Malia, the daughter of Barack Obama, briefly as an intern and referred to himself as an advocate for women’s rights.

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