Hollywood stars angry on the Trumps plans with immigrantenproject

Hollywood stars angry on the Trumps plans with immigrantenproject

Hollywood stars have on social media angrily reacted to the proposed plan of president Trump to the immigrantenproject DACA to abolish. That law ensures that immigrants who as a child to enter the US, not deported and are allowed to work in the country.

American media reported Monday that Trump the protected status of hundreds of thousands of immigrants who as a child illegally to the US are received wants to remove. It is expected that Trump the measures Tuesday to officially announce.

“Almost a million young immigrants at risk of deportation if Donald Trump DACA ends,” writes Jane The Virgin star Gina Rodriguez on Twitter. “We demand that DACA is defended.”

Mark Ruffalo shared the story of a ‘Dreamer’, as the young people under DACA are called, who died when he tried to save people in the floods after hurricane Harvey. “His body was found on the day that the messages showed that Trump an end to DACA.”

Lena Dunham posted a series of tweets about the possible measure. She shared the thought: “Imagine yet, that the president would be able to understand that the people under DACA attack the very Americans who he is supposed to protect.” Alyssa Milano said: “Our country would be at protecting children. Point. This should not even be a point of discussion.”

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Meanwhile, it is Trump with his own party in the clinch about DACA. Chairman Paul Ryan of the U.s. House of Representatives called out Trump last week not to stop the immigrantenproject that under Trumps predecessor, Barack Obama is introduced. Ryan shares with these statements behind a small but growing group of Republican Congressmen who are publicly speak against the abolition of the immigrantenproject.


Trump about migrantenproject DACA: “This weekend, we take a decision’

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