Holidays in Italy: ‘the Americans, who drink slootwater’

Those who are in Italy for a slice of pizza at a restaurant, or after 11: 00 am with a cappuccino or order is directly in the basket, as well as tourist. What you need to know about the diet to be a true Italian or Italian to be worn? question: Onno Kleyn, a culinary journalist and the author of, among others, in Italy, in my stories, and recipes.
Bed and breakfast: Please, no cappuccinos after 11: 00 am’

“Some of the Italians and eat breakfast at all drink at home coffee. The portrait orientation. Especially, for the workers it’s very common. At 10: 00 am, they pulled it over, and ordered them to work or in a bar for coffee and something to it. This is often something sweet, like a croissant, filled with a (dark chocolate), cream, or apricot jam.”

“If you’re a coffee long coffee order, you will get an espresso, what is the size of an espresso. What we do espresso is in Italy, a caffè lungo. If you’re up for the “soft glass” want to go to, then you can order a caffè americano. For the Americans, who drink slootwater. Order-no cappuccino after 11: 00 am. That drink, the Italians alone in the room.”

Lunch: from ‘Ordering a pizza in a restaurant’

“A hot meal is in the afternoon, and usually only at night to eat and is traditionally divided into several parts. The meal starts with a beginning. That are food with carbohydrates, such as pasta, rice or as a soup. If the second, you get your meat or fish with vegetables. Who luxury to eat, will often have an antipasto (an appetizer, ed.). for the meal, and the dolce (“dessert”, ed. and after the meal.”

“There are a lot of outdoor lunch. You have to pay in the local restaurants is always a fixed amount of money for a scope and a loaf of bread. The bread is always served with meals served daily, also in the system.”

Order never have spaghetti bolognese in Bologna, and, to them, that is a shame.”
Onno Kleyn, kookboekenschrijver

“Pizza is not a part of the meal. It is not the beginning of the meal, it’s the fast food of the united states. That is why you are not in the wrong in order to be a normal restaurant, and pizza to order! That can only happen in a pizza place. The Pizza of Naples, it has a light crust on it and have to fold to the park to eat it. The Roman version is thin and crisp. Do you drink beer or cola.”

Order never have spaghetti bolognese in Bologna, and, to them, that is a shame. For the bolognese sauce, you can eat there, with pasta, with eggs, like pasta.”

“In the rush to buy for the locals and lunch with a hearty sandwich in a bar, or in an Autogrill (Italian chain of road restaurants-ed.) with a glass of bottled water, too. In any case, all of the meals, plenty of mineral water to drink.”

“Pizza is the food of the united states.” (Photo: Pro-Shots)

Drink: ‘Glorious moment for the students

“From 18: 00, start, the aperitivo at the Italian terraces. The drinks are expensive, but if you’re lucky, you’ll get a lot of bites at the. The appetizers were a bit less chic than the Spanish ‘tapas’. You will get a lot of nibbles, bladerdeeghapjes, slices of cheese and slices of sausage. It should be a little bit easy.”

“The aperitivo is a glorious moment for the students, who are often, for a dinner party. It is almost impossible to get even a whole meal to go and eat. Or you can order only the beginning.”


  • “Italy is in a really wine country. In one region, that is, more drunk than the other. In Tuscany, a part of you every day, but one bottle with a meal, in Veneto there is a lot of drinking. The wine is very cheap in the restaurants, and because of the low alcoholaccijnzen. The beer is not that great in Italy, but win or property.”

“The region is more drunk than the other.” (Image: 123RF)

Dinner: Pasta and sauce together and served’

“The evening meal is at around 20: 00. Italians love to eat, especially at home, but zoetjesaan the restaurants of the time.”

“They will eat varies by region; in Italy only in 1870, is a unit of becoming. I think that the Italians more than the French, and the Spaniards attach great importance to good food. A lot of the Italian dishes don’t have that much time, but he does need care and attention. The Pasta and sauces are always served, never been apart.”

“The food is under pressure. In italy, it is now on the social plane, in a fairly traditional style furnishings, but that is slowly changing. A lot of young people live at home until they are thirty, and often have to live with the grandparents, it is still on. The grandmother is cooking the meal. Who knows what’s going to happen, and if it is going to change?”


  • “The italians do not give little or no tip. I think that’s because you have a fixed amount of money to pay for your cutlery, and much more. There is, of course, you still need to tip, and if it is good, it is safe.”


  • What are Italian eating habits do you know? Please leave a comment under this article.

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