Holidays in Germany: “Dare to take the tv back to watch

Those who, in Germany, a piece of cake to order, so the basket was a tourist. What you need to know about the diet to be a true German citizen, to act? ask Marijne Thomas, the author of the kookboekenreeks KOCH! and the BACK! the German cuisine.
Bed and breakfast: Each morning, the bakers’

“We have a second home in Germany and from what I’ve noticed is that a lot of people each and every morning to go to the baker for fresh bread. In some of the most beautiful villages in the country, there are still a few shops there, but there will always be a baker. The bread rolls are home-made of cheese, for example. Also, there are a lot of Hörnchen food, a sweet bread that is similar in form to the croissants to be like you.”

“The germans have breakfast with muesli and fresh fruit. They are drinking coffee and tea. It seems to be so much in our room. In large cities, such as Berlin, Hamburg and Munich, at the weekend, a very generous breakfast, sometimes as much as up to 14: 00.”

The germans eat breakfast, often with some fresh bread. (Image: 123RF)

The coffee: ‘A big piece of pie on the side

“Around 11: 00 there is often a coffee with a slice of cake or a pastry. Germans eat it, of course, it’s not every day cake, but it’s still quite typical. If they are not in the morning, then around 16: 00.”

“They’re good pieces, and of course, as a party to more than one. A small slice of the cake do you recognize the people in the netherlands. On the one-year anniversary in the united states often is the only apple pie, and that’s it. In Germany, there are usually a couple of pies and take two or three days.”

“Germany, France, the country with the most Michelin stars”
Marijne Thomas, author of a series of German cooking books

“The coffee was bad in Germany, and it is very soft. However, you will see more and more of the good coffee machines are the espresso’s and cappuccino’s can be made. In the northern part of Germany, there is also the love of strong, black coffee to drink.”

The Markthalle Neun in Kreuzberg, Berlin, germany. (Image: 123RF)

Lunch: Large German cities, ahead of the Dutch

“It’s often around 11: 30 am hot meal, even in business. Dutch people think about the German cuisine, usually in clichés. They eat in a typical toeristentent to a tv and see it as the ‘German kitchen’. However, you will need to get that steak to go afraid to find out.”

“The same goes for the curry sausage, Eisbein (knuckle of pork, eds.) and the sauerkraut. My German in-laws know that, they never are. There are a lot of potatoes, meat and vegetables, and eat it. But Germany, after France, the country with the most Michelin stars.”

“The north is very fond of seafood, the south has a clear Italian influence. In Berlin, you can eat more of a groovy club than it is in Amsterdam, and in the rural areas are often more conservative. In the larger German cities, in that respect really is known as for in the Netherlands. In Berlin, you could have fifteen years ago to be vegan.”


  • “It’s not customary for you to just running away: always pay a tip as well. To round off the amount to be paid to the top and say, ” Ist gut so.’ Basically, if you go to’about 10 percent of the time.”

Tea time: ‘the Wise, the cakes in the display case’

“There are, as said before, the Germans at around 16: 00 for the cake to go with coffee or tea. This is not a bakery, but a Patisserie, which offers more choice. There, you can order pieces of the cake by that point in the case. Then you’re going to sit down and get a pot of coffee or tea in it.”

“For example, to make a cake with poppy seeds, that’s what you get in the Netherlands. There are various fillings that. Or Käsekuchen, a cheesecake, which is baked in the oven.”

In a Patisserie a good cake to eat and coffee or tea. (Source: 123RF)

Meal With bread, can get you out of your mind’

“The evening meal is often Abendbrot is called and it is around 18: 00. The city is really a bread culture. With a loaf of bread, you can be completely out of your mind, so there is a lot of choice.”

“There’s a lot of it with the whole family at the table are eaten but the food is also very popular. That is, it is often less expensive than in europe, and many Germans love to eat well. However, there is still junk sold in the supermarkets are plenty of things that are too sweet and too fat.”


  • “All across the country were Germans were beer drinkers. Typically, for a visitor, it is to be a Heineken-to-order. But even with a good German beer. The dark beer was popular as well, such as Alt in the Ruhr area in germany. In the wine-growing regions are, of course, a lot of wine to drink. Almost all of us in our little village by the Mosel river holds, for example, a portion of the wijnhelling.”


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