Holiday as a medicine: “It is even seen as a means to fully recover’

Spring break is just around the corner. But how healthy is a holiday? Two experts give their answer.

That holidays be considered as a source of happiness and an essential ingredient for a good life, know Jessica Bloom, organisation and arbeidspsycholoog at the University of Groningen, and Ad Vingerhoets, professor of psychology at the University of Tilburg, all too well.

The Bloom: “Holidays are even seen as a means to recover fully.”

But then you can be disappointed. “Research shows, for example, that employees even after a sabbatical of six months during the first working day at the same energy and level of stress as before.”

A bad mood during the start of the holiday

Some people in terms of health is also not flawless stárt of the holiday, know Vingerhoets.

“Studies suggest that the start of a holiday period for many people equates to a high blood pressure, poor sleep quality, poor mood and lack of initiative, as well as more serious physical symptoms such as fever, migraine or stomach upset.”

In fact: it is estimated that suffers about 3 percent of the population to ‘vrijetijdsziekte’, the sick will be during the first days of the holiday.

Holiday won’t help against long-term work stress

Why the a to vrijetijdsziekte and the other is not, it is not entirely clear. It has in any case to make with a lowered resistance due to a high working pressure or ignoring stress signals.

“Vrijetijdsziekte is not serious, but is often a signal of too much stress.”
Ad Vingerhoets, professor of psychology

But that you get sick while you are on holiday does not mean that a holiday is unhealthy. It can actually be a reason to be a little more free to take, Vingerhoets. “Vrijetijdsziekte is not serious, but is often a signal of too much stress. It’s good to be asking yourself how it is with the balance between work and private life.”

The most important thing for a healthy start of your holiday: make the cover of crowds to relaxation as small as possible for your body.

Travel reduces the risk of diseases

Nevertheless, it is a trip in the netherlands or abroad is indeed healthy, according to The Bloom. “A vacation will reduce the chances of becoming ill and the risk of heart disease, heart attacks and premature death.”

Holidays our health is good because of the rest, many buitenzijn and the redemption of liabilities.

The Bloom: “in Addition, people will be happier by experiences than material purchases, and holds a holiday a couple of fundamental needs, such as autonomy and solidarity.”

Thereby applies: the more distance you can take into your daily life, the healthier a vacation.

Advantages of holidays on your health

  • A vacation will reduce the chances of becoming ill.
  • A vacation reduces the risk of heart disease, heart attacks and premature death.
  • People become happier by experiences than material purchases.
  • Holiday fulfils basic needs.

A holiday lowers your stress level

A vacation may not be the remedy to long-term stress or a approaching burn-out, she also has positive effects on your stress level.

The positive experiences of holiday shapes according to The Bloom a buffer against future stressors, such as a reorganization or a difficult teenager.

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“Your psychological resilience increases,” says Bloom. “Research shows that we during free time in the evenings or weekends is not enough to recover. Vacations can be seen as a long, uninterrupted period of recovery, and the healthy effects are pretty strong.”

A thuisblijfvakantie is also healthy

So yes, everyone needs a holiday, concludes the psychologist. But even though we all are only concerned with where we’re going, how long, and what we all want to do, is that not the question if you your health a boost.

“It would be good to have the positive elements of a holiday to integrate into daily life.”
Jessica Bloom, organisation and arbeidspsycholoog

Stronger still: “Also for a while free home is good for your health, provided that this is a real thuisblijfvakantie is” The Bloom on the basis of research.

“It would be good to keep the positive elements of a holiday, such as more time for yourself and autonomy, to integrate into daily life. That is really good for your health.”

Vingerhoets agrees. “Because that way you reduce the chance of vrijetijdsziekte.”

The crux of the healthy holiday-effect to benefit? The Bloom: “A holiday is especially good for your health if you have control over, and to have fun on holiday activities. We want to be able to decide what we do in our free time. As long as that is the case, it doesn’t matter where we are and what we do.”

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