Hockeysters to beat Australia after a shoot-outs and the win in Pro League

The Dutch hockeysters to have a Saturday in Amstelveen, the netherlands, the first edition of the Pro League and won the game. The team of head coach Alyson Annan, has won in the finals after a shoot-out to Australia after the match in normal time at 2-2 it was left in.

Mariah Williams, brought to Australia in the Wagenerstadion after a nineteen-minute lead from a penalty corner. Five minutes later, the Composer of the Peat and for the second half.

In the second half, and it stayed a long time, but eleven minutes before time, gave Kelly’s History of Orange on the edge. The world champion seemed to be on his way to the prize, but just for a time, Kaitlin Nobbs in the ‘Hockeyroos’ across it.

Because of this, we had shoot-outs at all, and it was the formation of the Annan, with the 4-3 is the most powerful. Peat, miss, if only on the Dutch side, while for Maddy Fitzpatrick and Brooke Peris, the target is not able to find it in Australia.

“It was hard, but we think we can’t,” said the captain, Eva’s Great about the heat in nyc. “The fact that we can have multiple reasons: grades, train hard, and mind-setting. We just didn’t think about the fact that it’s hot. Even with a lead of 2-1 in the final stage, we have to continue to get to the third hit.”

The Dutch hockeysters to celebrate the 2-1 in the Kelly History. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

The orange picks up fifth award in just two years

The netherlands won the fifth prize in the two-year period of time. In 2017 the european CHAMPIONSHIP and the Hockey World League winner and last year’s Champions Trophy and the world cup.

In the semi-final battle in the Grand Final of the Pro League and have booked the Orange is also a hard-won victory. The team is charged therein last Thursday, with Germany (2-1).

In the group stage and won the Netherlands, fourteen of the sixteen races. Against Australia, it was at the beginning of February will be lost. It was the first defeat in a year and a half’s time.

“Where is this to stop? I don’t know”, The Better. “What concerns us for the moment. We’re going to get through. Our goal is to win every match.”

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