Hockeybondscoach Annan had tough time after ‘black-out’ in Rio


Hockeybondscoach Annan had tough time after ‘black-out’ in Rio

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Coach Alyson Annan of the Dutch hockeysters had to say a tough time after they won semi-finals against Germany at the Olympic Games in Rio, had to deal with a black-out.

In the assumption that there is still a quarter of an hour played had to be, gave Annan after the regular time the necessary instructions to her players. After a short silence, the Australian pointed out that the playtime was over, and there are shoot-outs would follow. The incident came to Annan on rock-hard criticism.

“I found it myself a lot. But how do you guys (the media, red.) written about me… I was portrayed as a very bad coach. Did that really hurt”, says Annan four months later, compared to the AD.

“For nine months, I have had to be dashed to pieces worked. But those thirty seconds to be out to stop. I have the press something to write about.”

The 43-year-old Annan calls her action “oliedom”, but think to know why this happened. “To start with, I had, in the heat far too little drinking water. I was all the time busy with coaching. That scoreboard so it is true. And there happened what on the bank, something that is not appointed need to be, because I am responsible. But I was in confusion and acted on that doubt.”

“Of course, I was there myself. If I terugzie I think: Jesus mina say… But it is made bigger than it is. Because one: I just had the match fully coached. Two: it didn’t affect the girls, or the match, the shoot-outs were prepared in detail. And three: I can now declare, it will never happen again.”

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Annan was allowed after the lost final battle against Great Britain to remain as keuzevrouw. She extended her contract at the end of October and the world cup of 2018, though she certainly considered to be right after the Play to stop as a responsible person in Orange.

“The nine months were extremely heavy. I have my children almost not seen. That’s part of it. But then came that negative publicity. I thought: is it all worth it? I went back to the basics: why would I like to coach? To give something back to the sport.”

“If you as a player itself the highest attainable limit, you know that this was only possible by the people around you. But what I also found important: what example do I give those ladies if I wegloop when the going gets tough?”

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