Hockey players escape from a false start in an olympic play-off against Pakistan

The Dutch hockey players in the first match in the play-off against Pakistan to qualify for the Olympic Games is to escape from a defeat. In the slotseconde won the Orange on Saturday in Amstelveen, the netherlands will be a difficult 4-4-tie out of the fire.

The team of coach Max Caldas was at the start of a two-part series for a ticket to the Olympics in Tokyo is much more difficult than expected, with the former hockeygrootmacht. It was only in the very last second, lap and Mink van der Weerden in the second half, within.

The two countries will be on Sunday at 16.10 hours, compared to each other. Also, that duel will be in the Wagener Stadium will be finished. The winner of the dual meet to place themselves at the Olympic Games. The dog may be participating remember.

The last time the Dutch hockey players were at the Olympics in 1980 in Moscow, but in the absence of the former, for political reasons. Established in 1988, it was at least the semi-finals are reached.

The netherlands did earlier this year, we have the opportunity to buy directly for the Olympic Games. The orange ended up in the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in Antwerp and in the third, but the winner (Belgium) for a ticket to klaarlag.

Pakistan took advantage of the Netherlands in four strafcorners. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

The netherlands for more than five minutes in arrears

The netherlands, looked at front of your home crowd at the Wagener Stadium, all within a five-minute at an disadvantage to it. Mubashar Ali’s lap, on the behalf of the number seventeen in the world ranking, tap from a penalty corner.

In the second quarter of the leek, the Netherlands, the world’s number three, the opportunity to do it over. Van der Weerden scored a strafbal, which was awarded after an infringement at the Terrance Peters. A minute later, He Kellermann, with a beautiful backhand to 1-2 of them.

Pakistan, which was missing in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, and in the last few years, not even a single international match for more it played, however, showed resilience and proved to be especially strafcorners very effective.

Ali Ghazanfar produced for the rest of the second half. Muhammad Rizwan, played in the Netherlands for the Schaerweijde restored early in the second half of the Pakistan’s lead.

A violation of Terrance Peter gave the Netherlands a strafbal on it. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

The orange prevents the loss of slotseconde

In a sloppily played the Orange was only in the last twenty five years in Pakistan, continue to cut back on it and it came up with only nine minutes left on the clock moving around. Robbert Kemperman struck the ball from close in.

In a frantic day that seemed like it had, however, Pakistan has to be that on Sunday with the best position in the final duel could begin. Ali, shot in the 56th minute on tap from a penalty corner, and after Van der Weerden, at the very last moment, however, a surprising defeat occurred.

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