Hiv-preventiepil PrEP might be cheaper

Hiv-preventiepil PrEP might be cheaper

The hiv-preventiepil PrEP the next ten years, between 1,000 and 2,500 new hiv infections occur. This is the preventive use of this pill, which is composed of the virusremmers tenofovir and emtricitabine, cost-effective.

That proves research of the Erasmus MC and the AMC, published today in Lancet Infectious Diseases. The researchers used in the calculation of the cost-effectiveness using mathematical models and calculated the results to so-called QALY: Quality Adjusted Life Years.

From recently published studies had already shown that daily intake of the hiv-preventiepil an effective way to have more hiv-infections to prevent, in addition to the use of a condom. PrEP is currently in the Netherlands only in studieverband given to transgender people and men who have sex with men. They belong in the Netherlands to the people who are most at risk to infection with hiv.

“PrEP is a terribly expensive drug,” says researcher David from the Pond of the department of Virology of the Erasmus MC. “This is because it is a small market in the Netherlands.”

“It is cheaper to get this preventiepil to use than a lifelong treatment.” The preventiepil comes out on 3.850 euros per year and the treatment costs 500,000 euros. “In addition, to protect the people that are the deterrent, the partners with whom they have sex,” continues Of the Pond.


The preventiepil reduces the risk of hiv by 85 percent. You don’t need it every day until you take, only on the days around sexual contact. One of the side effects of the pill is kidney failure, but this does not happen often.

In the Netherlands, an average of 22,000 to 23,000 people around who are infected with hiv. Here are also people who do not know yet. The Pond: “This is not because they are ashamed of, and therefore unable to comment. This is particularly so in ignorance. It is at the beginning also not associated with effects, this can happen only later.”


In America and France is PrEP already used. In those countries, it will also be reimbursed. In the Netherlands the drug is not reimbursed by the insurer. “I hope that this as soon as possible have happened”, says Of the Pond. The minister should have a decision to make. Currently the case is with the Health.

Every year more than a thousand new hiv infections take place in the Netherlands, approximately 70 percent of the infections occurs among men who have sexual contact with men.

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