“Hiv-patients seem more likely to suffer from old age ailments’

“Hiv-patients seem more likely to suffer from old age ailments’

Photo: Hollandse Hoogte

Hiv patients seem more likely to suffer from old age ailments. In them, is this more common than in people without hiv.

This appears from phd research conducted by physician-researchers Judith Schouten and Katherine Kooij of the AMC and the Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development.

In contrast to earlier research, it was now made a comparison between hiv patients and people who were testing the virus. This group ran so risk of infection and was therefore very well comparable with the group of patients.

Previously, the health status of people with hiv compared with non-patients from the general population. Schouten investigated for the study, over 1,100 persons of 45 years and older.

Heart disease

The participants had during the study every two years of physical tests. They had to also answer questions about their work and mood.

The results showed that diseases such as cancer, osteoporosis and diabetes occur more often in hiv patients. Heart disease were two times as common in the patient group.

As a possible explanation, see Schouten the ongoing inflammatory response, where people living with hiv suffer from. “As a smoldering fire that never goes out. That is harmful for the body. All patients have a dip in their immune system. The deeper that dip, the greater the chance of age-related diseases,” she says against the NIS. Also can the pills they swallow may have side effects that complaints.

Schouten to let you know that the participants for a longer period have to be followed to make the results more reliable. She argues for a continuation of the study of ten or twenty years, in which the participants every two years to check on their health.

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