History, and Home to get chill out of the air, during a meeting at the White House

The Turkish president, Erdogan, is in the United States for a meeting with the president’s Home. According to the Turkish side, it will be to visit dedicated to the fight against terrorism. Also, it must be the chill between the two countries, from the sky take.

Prior to his departure, said the History that the main event of the delivery, in the state of Pennsylvania-based Fethullah Gülen, is. Gulen and his namesake, the move by Turkey will be held responsible for the failed coup d’état in 2016.

In addition, there are solutions to the disagreements between the two countries, ” said Erdogan.

The president is not satisfied with the fact that the promised withdrawal of the YPG-branch of the Assyrian Democratic Forces, which it is concerned is not yet complete. The YPG is in accordance with Turkey as an offshoot of the terrorist movement PKK.

Turkey has launched on the 9th of October, the military operation of the YPG in Northern Syria, to be out of the way. Eight days later, it was an agreement between the United States of america concerning the withdrawal of the YPG is reached, in which a cease-fire came into effect. Washington, in turn, is worried about the radical elements of the Free Syrian Army (FSA), which make the Turkish armed forces once more.

The government aided rebels from the FSA, and have not a spotless reputation. (Photo: Reuters)

Buy the Russian missile system is still point of contention

A behind-the-scenes will focus on the different types of sanctions, which Turkey must face up. So He’s still not in the law, mandatory sanctions are imposed in respect of the purchase by Turkey of the Russian S-400 missile system.

According to Middle East Eye (MEE), would He issue a new letter of History writing, which led to a way out is offered. If the country’s missile system will not activate and the U.s. inspections of permits, it would not be the only penalties to avoid, but it is admitted to be the F-35 program, and its fighters are allowed to buy it. Turkish sources said, compared that History to the selection next to it.

Robert O’brien, of the national security adviser to Trump, a repeat of last week that Turkey’s sanctions can be expected, as the country’s missile system and will hold on to.

In turkey, this summer, the first S-400 battery in no time. (Photo: AFP)

Congress seems to be unified in the condemnation of History

Erdogan and his entourage will be, nevertheless, betting on the perceived personal connection to Home, especially now that the united states Congress and united it seems, in his rejection of History. In the last few weeks have been preparing for it for at least five more penalties to hit.

There are also plans to ensure that the financial, technical, and material support to the Turkish armed forces to regulate. Other sanctions are related to the removal of weapon sales to Turkey, if it proves to be in Syria, could be used.

In addition, there is a court case against the Turkish state-owned bank Halkbank. The bank is set up between 2012 and 2016, with the so-called gas-for-gold deals between Iran and Turkey, in spite of the fact that current sanctions on Iran. There could be about 20 billion dollars is traded.

Erdogan’s security officers under the magnifying glass

Finally, the behavior of Erdogan’s security guards are under a magnifying glass lying around. In 2017 they were fighting with protesters. At four of the top 15 security companies are continuing litigation in the United States of america.

The chairman of the Republican members of the House of Representatives, called on the eve of the visit of History Trumps government to bring to justice those who were involved in the fight right out of the country if they are re-the president to day.

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