Historians: ‘a Disaster if the interior of the Notre-Dame cathedral is lost’

The interior of the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris by a major fire largely irreparably destroyed. Connoisseurs may be the disaster not contain.

In short

  • Fire in Notre-Dame after fifteen hours extinguished
  • Cause of fire still unknown, research is still running
  • Huge sums pledged for reconstruction

A short time after the fire it was reported that the most important relics, including the crown of thorns, a piece of the cross and a nail from the crucifixion, from the church would be saved.

“These objects were all in the treasury, in the crypt under the church”, says Justin Kroesen.

Possibly or definitely destroyed objects

  • Stained-glass windows from the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. Both in terms of the large roosramen, as well as the narrative windows in the ship
  • Fourteenth-century wooden sculpture with the life of Christ to the fence around the choir
  • Wooden dakstoel from twelfth-century
  • High altar with sculptures, from the time of Louis XIII
  • Mariaklok, cast by the Royal Eijsbouts
  • Paintings from the 1 of may series, dating from 1630
  • Old manuscripts in the treasury

Worries about stained glass windows

Kroesen is the most concerned about the stained-glass church windows (photo) from the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. “That date from the construction period (1163-1345, ed.) and belong to the oldest windows of France.”

©Annemarieke Willemsen

“It was a fasciated’

In addition to the stained-glass windows, the painted altars, some paintings and the decorations on the outside of the building were made, date back to the most of the objects in the Notre-Dame is not out of the middle ages. “There is in France no church in interior is almost completely back to the middle ages. In Germany and England you can see that much more.”

“The French Revolution (in 1789 began, red.) has a great compound. In that regard, the French churches are quite empty. The interior that you in the Notre-Dame saw stand, comes for a part from the seventeenth and subsequent centuries, so after the revolution. But that is of course of inestimable value. The inside of the Notre-Dame was a fasciated whole, an ensemble. It is a tragedy when this is lost.”


From hour to hour: The devastating fire in the Notre-Dame

Notre-Dame also houses a Dutch object

Annemarieke Willemsen, curator middle Ages, of the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden in Leiden, fear that the organ of Aristide Since the Coll, with seven thousand pipes, by the fire, it is destroyed.

“In addition, there are a lot of other valuable objects in the church. For example, a richly decorated wooden choir stalls date from the seventeenth century, a fourteenth-century sculpture on the fence around the choir (photo, ed.) and a high altar with images. By the church, spread out standing in addition to altars, images and grafbeelden. It is possible that some of about, at least of the marble.”

Also had the Notre-Dame is still a Dutch touch. “In the church is since 2013 a large clock, the Mariaklok, cast by the Royal Eijsbouts B. V. in Asten.” How this object is made, is not known.

©Annemarieke Willemsen

Improvement: Earlier we wrote that the stained-glass windows from the twelfth and thirteenth century, possibly by the fire destroyed could be. On Tuesday afternoon, it became clear that the windows could be saved. We have the article changed.

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