Hispanics with US birth certificates say they are being unjustly denied, passports, and fraud by attacking

According to a story in the Washington Post, passport denials, come as the Trump management is taking steps to crack down on people they believe may be fraudulent certificates of birth.


The Trump administration, according to reports, the passports for a growing number of Hispanics denies, the US citizenship and birth certificate show they were born in the United States, in the midst of a controversy Scam.

According to a story in the Washington Post, the passport denials come as the Trump government is taking steps to challenge people you think may be fraudulent birth certificates. But some of those affected say they are facing the wrong way.

The Post cited several examples, including a 40-year-old named Juan, who said, allegedly, he was born in the United States, was delivered by a midwife in South Texas and served in the army, the border guard and the state’s prison system.

“I served my country. I fought for my country,” said the man.

Juan told the newspaper that he tried to renew his U.S. passport this year, but the State Department sent a letter to him with doubts about his birth certificate is real.

The Post said Juan is one of “hundreds, perhaps thousands” of Hispanics at the border, accused the trump management with fraudulent birth certificates, since they were babies.

Fox News has requested, as required by the state Department.

The State Department told the Washington Post they sometimes ask people suspected of fraudulent papers additional proof of birth. Those who are marked as candidates, the birth certificates submitted by “midwife or other birth attendant, who are suspected of fraudulent activities” or those with a U.S. and a foreign birth certificate.

“People who are not in the position to show that you were born in the United States to issue a passport,” the State Department denied said.

According to the Post, both George W. Bush and Barack Obama administrations, denied passports delivered to the people, the midwives in the Texas Rio Grande Valley. The government has long believed that cheaters have given of the US birth certificates of the babies along the border, were actually born in Mexico.

The newspaper reported that the government, though, was the case with the American Civil Liberties Union in 2009, to stop the rail, the passport refused. But trump, the Pass appeared to be refused, to proceed.

The newspaper spotlighted the case of a 35-year-old Texas man who said he was born in the United States, but is arrested, after trying to return to the US after a trip to Mexico in the year 2017.

Agents said the man asked him if he was born in Mexico. If he refused, he was sent to a detention camp, and entered the procedure in deportation. He was eventually released, but the man said his passport has been revoked.

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