His socks are the new sunglasses?

Socks are affordable accessories that make an outfit personality. There, you can feel free to go a step further.

Champion x Weekday (8 euro), © .

1. Champion x Weekday (8 euro),

Socks stand for years on one as a dufste gift under the christmas tree, but that is different now is the fashion houses themselves with it engaged. “The only experience real momentum”, pleaded the renowned modewebsite Business of Fashion recently. In terms of style, we see two trends: elegant, pantyachtige socks, and the sportkousen, often with large logos and brand names. Logomania, such as we had in the nineties, is making a comeback. Everything that we have been wrong, again. Even the ultimate faux pas – high raised white stockings in slippers – spotting we this summer at fashionable teenagers. And during the fashion weeks diving there also fashionistas on those with white Nike socks in Manolo Blahniks to show off.

In the same shoe

Where does the trend come from? Enter: the just slightly too short trouser legs. By the extra inches leg get socks suddenly more attention. In addition to bear many of the same outfit: T-shirt, chino or jeans and white sneakers, genre Stan Smiths. Special socks differentiate you from the rest. With socks you can at the same time, conform and out of the tire jump. Just look at the Star Wars socks that the Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau wore when he in may his Irish counterpart met. The internet exploded.

2. Marni (90 euro),

Furthermore, in stockings in the gender-neutral trend. Women can mannenkousen buy and vice versa. Also the price tag is a plus. Socks are a cut product for young consumers who love Gucci, Vetements or Prada, but no fortune can spend on a garment. The same idea, so if a pair of sunglasses, purse, or keychain. In modejargon: entry level products. This link new consumers to your brand that perhaps later, if they get more budget, a more expensive item to buy. Though you can eighty euros for a pair of socks difficult called cheap.

Expensive coffee

David Heath, the founder of the popular New York-based start-up Bombas, compares socks with coffee. “Thirty years ago, drank everyone in the US instant coffee. No one was concerned with where the beans came from, let alone how they burned. Then came Starbucks. Knew the people to convince their 25 cent coffee of the buurtcafé and up to six dollars to pay for a coffee. Now there is another third wave coffee shops with superexclusieve of people eight to twelve dollars for lay on the table. So it is with socks.” The sock equivalent of Starbucks is the Swedish Happy Socks. This fall the brand will launch Hysteria, a line, elegant hosiery in a thinner fabric. In America popten in the last years numerous premium brands, but also Belgium has its own sokkenheld. Escuyer combines sleek design with top quality and with a subscription. If you want, you will receive four times per year a new pair. And the graduate of Eduard Both leave his socks in special stitches knitting in France. In the shop they are under the name of CAP (Creative Anonymous Projects) between Marni and Acne Studios.

From left to right: Hysteria (16 euro), Essentiel (12 euro), Gucci (350 euro) © .

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