Hillary Clinton had, according to Bill Clinton more frequently with dehydration

Hillary Clinton had, according to Bill Clinton more frequently with dehydration

Photo: AFP

Hillary Clinton has problems in the past with her health known who seemed to be on the uitdroginsverschijnselen that they Sunday showed, but was always overcome, said her husband Bill Clinton on Monday in an interview with CBS.

“Only very occasionally in the many many years that she worked for her the same happened when she is extremely dehydrated”, says the former president.

“Nevertheless, she has a thing worked as minister of Foreign Affairs, as a senator and then.”

During the commemoration of the attacks of 11 september in New York, last Sunday, left Clinton early, because they say that ‘overheated’ feeling. On the images it was seen that Clinton hard on her own legs.

A short time later declared Clinton that they are again feeling well. They would be all the time or just in knowledge. They contend, however, with pneumonia, made her campaign team known.


Hillary Clinton proved to the advice of her doctor, to five days to take a rest because of a pneumonia is ignored. She thought herself that it was not as bad. That would also be the reason that they are not public had made that she was ill, ” she says to CNN.

The 68-year-old Democrate had a few meetings cancel, but claims that within a few days the campaign will resume. “I feel so much better and had much rather rest, should take it,” she told CNN.

Also, new medical data of Clinton to be released to “lingering concerns” about the health of Clinton road to take.

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