Hillary Clinton aides had Dept to have access to State. after she left, says the legislator key


When Hillary Clinton resigned as Secretary of state in the year 2013, you should continue to negotiate access to classified information and top-secret documents for themselves and a staff of six under the name of “scientific assistants”, a powerful senator, noting that Clinton was “extremely careless” with such information.

The staff retained apparently, even after Clinton announced her run for President in April 2015, according to Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa. The access was allegedly memoirs, granted to facilitate the work of Clinton, but Grassley said he was only able to check it, after the Obama administration left the White house.

“It’s so unimaginative name offensive, Hillary Clinton, or her staff would have no access to secret or top secret information.”

– Chris Farrell, Judicial Watch

“I have repeatedly asked the State Department whether Secretary Clinton and her staff had their clearances suspended or revoked, the Obama Administration refused to answer,” Grassley wrote in a March 30 letter to Secretary of state, Rex Tillerson.

“Recently, the State Department informed the Committee that a six-Secretary Clinton were referred to additional outside employees in the state, as their research assistants to remain which allows you distances, the added after leaving the Department,” Grassley.

The State Department has not yet responded, there is a request from Fox News if Clinton or your employees, including then-chief of staff Cheryl Mills, Huma Abedin, her traveling chief of staff and former assistant, who went on to become the Vice-Chairman of her presidential campaign, and Jake Sullivan, her senior policy advisor, continue to have access to the secret and top-secret archives, and systems.

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Cheryl Mills worked for the Clinton-both the White house and their presidential campaign.


Clinton could not be immediately reached for comment.

Grassley, the chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, on Thursday an investigation into the matter was launched, citing his concerns with FBI Director James Comey to the 5. July announcement, where he said, the FBI found Clinton and her Team were “extremely careless in their treatment of highly sensitive, top-secret information.” Grassley also claims that there is “evidence of violations of the articles of Association in relation to the handling of classified information…”

During the FBI investigation of Clinton’s use of a private server and your dealing with top-secret and classified information, Comey acknowledged there seven E-Mail chains on Clinton’s servers were as “Top Secret/Special Access Program level.” A further 2,000 E-Mails on your private server were also found that contained information deemed classified, although it is not classified, marked, if sent. The server also contained 22 of the top-secret E-Mails will be published as to be harmful to national security.

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Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin (Reuters photo)

Grassley wants more answers from the State Department that Tillerson is responsible, including the question of whether it is investigated or sanctioned, Clinton and their associates for the mishandling of information.

“It is unclear what steps the state has taken over the Department, to impose administrative sanctions,” Grassley said. “Every other government employee, would, in such serious offences, at a minimum, have suspended their clearances until an investigation. To do the failure, so the public has the impression that Secretary Clinton and her team received a special treatment.”

Grassley said the former Secretary of state John Kerry ignored his requests in the years 2015 and 2016.

In the year 2015, Cheryl Mills’ lawyer said her client had Oct access. 30 of this year, according to documents post by Fox News. After leaving the State Department, Mills has been an Advisor to Clinton’s presidential candidacy. Heather Samuelson, a lawyer, worked under mills and is also a member of staff for Clinton was running in 2008, during their presidential candidates, seem to also maintain an active Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS/SCI) security check, according to records reviewed by Fox News.

Chris Farrell, of Judicial Watch, a conservative Washington-based government watchdog group, has filed a number of lawsuits in connection with the Clinton E-Mail scandal, that it was “outrageous” that Clinton and her staff have access to, after you have left the state department, and perhaps even access to such egregious behavior.

“It’s so unimaginative name offensive, Hillary Clinton, or her staff would have said no access to secret or top-secret information,” Farrell said. “It is a Hammer.

“All other employees of the government, it is, I don’t care what Department or Agency would have their access to classified information and top-secret information and their elimination are suspended pending the outcome of an investigation into the improper handling of such information,” Farrell said.

Malia Zimmerman is an award-winning investigative Journalist with a focus on crime, internal security, illegal immigration, crime, terrorism, and political corruption. You can follow her on twitter at @MaliaMZimmerman

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